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By: DisasterReady, 2:57 AM GMT on May 31, 2013

This is my first blog entry and I just want to encourage all to become engaged in becoming ready for disasters. With only 15% of the American population geared up to take care of themselves if disaster strikes we have lots of work to do to educate and motivate the populous to do their part.

From disease outbreaks, natural disasters, terror strikes, loss of jobs and personal injury we are at risk of losing our ability to purchase food or other items to keep our families fed, watered and sheltered.

It is my hope you will follow my blog inputs and engage me with comments and ideas. No one is a total expert on survival and I learn everyday from others who are involved in this important but often ignored topic.

My first tip is to purchase food as opposed to socking money away in a savings account that pays very little in interest. If disaster never strikes you will save money by purchasing food today as opposed to next month when the prices are most likely to be higher. You can effectively save up to 16% on food prices by purchasing ahead. Canned foods last up to and beyond 5 years and by dating the items you can rotate and keep your stores from being on the shelf too long.

If disaster strikes and you have taken the steps to prepare you will most likely not have to stand in line with others who will be dependent on someone else to give them food and water. If bad enough the event could be much worse than those Black Friday episodes we are all familiar with. Do your part and start getting prepared. It is not complicated.

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