AZ Monsoon Flood Warning Notifications by Phone

By: Desertrain, 1:24 AM GMT on July 28, 2014

I've added up the rain totals from the last 4 flood warnings I received at home via phone.


That's it.

I have not needed to call in a heavy rain report this season so far.

Hot With Hope Of Rain, But...

By: Desertrain, 8:25 PM GMT on July 23, 2014

So far this monsoon 2014 is the least productive rain-wise of the last 11 (when I located here) at this location.

Subsidence from "intruding" high pressure has been eating away at cloud and thunderstorm formation. Many wild sunflowers and morning glories have withered away from the earlier rainy period. With a namesake like mine, my camping is not happy.

The El NiƱo may be to blame, if it succeeds in full manifestation or not is under water. ...

AZ Monsoon 2014

Monsoon rainfall 1.98

By: Desertrain, 6:09 PM GMT on July 13, 2014

Monsoon rainfall 1.98" to date.

Nearby areas, (within a few miles), have had much more.
Usually we receive nearly half of the monsoon rain total here in the first 2 weeks, sometimes have had 6-8" by now, then areas north and west receive theirs.

Last year Tucson had a mediocre monsoon while Douglas Arizona to the southeast had its wettest on record. In my quarter+ century of witnessing the AZ version of the Southwest monsoon, no two years ...

Monsoon Rain SW US Arizona Weather

Amanda's moisture makes it to Southern Arizona

By: Desertrain, 9:41 PM GMT on May 29, 2014

It rained today!
I got wet working outside with late morning temp of 64 degrees on May 29! Not "normal" for here,
At 2pm. 78 degrees with 40% humidity and a few full small rain collectors with only .05" of rain.
The upcoming weather is to be near 100 in a few days, a bit above normal where I am at 4,000'

Monsoon preview.

Monsoon Rain SW US

March Rainstorm

By: Desertrain, 5:37 PM GMT on March 02, 2014

March 1st Rainstorm total:
This will help a little towards drought relief, certainly the wildflowers that made it through the long dryspell.

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