Weather data for noise monitoring application

By: CWS3175, 8:15 PM GMT on May 12, 2015

"Weather conditions are the single largest variable factor in how sound travels over large distances," says Steve Bilawchuk, principal partner and engineer at ACI Acoustical Consultants Inc in Alberta, Canada. The company incorporates Orion LX weather stations in their system to conduct environmental noise monitoring for things like road noise, rail noise, and industrial noise.
For more information visit: CWS Noise Monitoring Application Page

noise environment

New Video shows installation of Capricorn FLX™ Wind Sensors

By: CWS3175, 8:13 PM GMT on May 12, 2015

Our move provided an opportunity to get some video of Nader installing the Capricorn FLX wind sensors on our new facility roof. The sensor assembly is installed on a Universal Mast Mount arm and a smartphone compass helps orient the wind direction vane.
Click here to view video.

wind installation

CWS Integrates Dual BP Sensor for Redundancy-Required Weather Monitoring

By: CWS3175, 9:59 PM GMT on March 19, 2015

CWS has integrated a dual barometric pressure sensor option for the Weather MicroServer. Developed in collaboration with one of our international representatives for a small airport application, this installation will be a Capricorn FLX Weather Station. The Weather MicroServer can be used with any of our weather station models. (While CWS weather stations are not FAA certified, they are used by many small airports in the US and around the world that are not subject ...

Weather Station FAQs

By: CWS3175, 7:02 PM GMT on February 25, 2015

We are reorganizing our resources to include Frequently Asked Questions –generally based on feedback through our technical service department. A newly added post addresses a question about establishing network communication with the Weather MicroServer™.

Be sure to let us know if you have any questions – requently asked or not!
Click here for our updated Resources Page

Weather Monitoring with BACnet

By: CWS3175, 7:27 PM GMT on January 15, 2015

In response to requirements from the building automation industry, our Weather MicroServer™ now has a BACnet interface protocol available through Ethernet. Click here to go to the Weather MicroServer page.


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