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New Solar Sensors Improve Weather Monitoring for Solar Panel Arrays

By: CWS3175, 5:58 PM GMT on March 13, 2012

Two ISO second-class compliant solar radiation sensors are now available as options for the Weather MicroServer. This improvement in our product line comes in direct response to customer requests.

The Hukseflux (left) and Kipp and Zonen thermopile-based sensors can be mounted horizontally for global radiation measurement or at plane of array (POA) for PV solar applications. With better performance and stability than our standard radiation sensor, these are specifically well-suited for monitoring solar panel arrays.

For use with any CWS weather station, the Weather MicroServer offers Internet and Industrial protocols for applications including XML, FTP, Modbus/OPC, and SNMP. Optional sensors include visibility, solar radiation, and temperature (ambient, panel, soil, or water), as well as ultrasonic wind speed and direction.

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Elevation: 220 ft
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