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WeatherMaster 4.0 Software offers

By: CWS3175, 6:31 PM GMT on November 07, 2011

The new version of our proprietary WeatherMaster Software offers some significant "under-the-hood" improvements.

-The new "dot-net" platform speeds up development time, making it easier to add features and develop custom versions.

-With an expandable SQL database, WeatherMaster 4.0 can archive an even wider range of meteorological and calculated parameters.

-The database export feature, always compatible with Excel, now enables customer-selected units of measure and date ranges.

-WeatherMaster 4.0 is compatible with the Orion 420 (4-20mA) weather station.

WeatherMaster Software is optimized for CWS weather stations. It provides computer weather monitoring, calculated parameters, graphing and trend displays.

Additionally, WeatherMaster automates the processes of archiving weather data, alarm notification, interfacing with CAMEO/ALOHA, and updating weather web pages.


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Hillsboro, OR
Elevation: 206 ft
Temperature: 82.5 °F
Dew Point: 49.6 °F
Humidity: 32%
Wind: 2.6 mph from the West
Wind Gust: -
Updated: 10:47 PM PDT on July 30, 2015
CWS - Orion
Hillsboro, OR
Elevation: 220 ft
Temperature: 83.1 °F
Dew Point: 49.5 °F
Humidity: 31%
Wind: 2.4 mph from the WSW
Wind Gust: 7.4 mph
Updated: 10:46 PM PDT on July 30, 2015

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