How About Some Snow?

By: Buckey2745, 1:51 PM GMT on April 15, 2014

I never wrote an entry talking about the potential of snow this morning because I honestly didn't think we would have a problem. But guess what?

We ended up with 0.5" here in Canal Winchester, while I saw reports northward of 1" at OSU and even saw a 3" further north.

I can say definitively that this is the end of accumulating snow here in Central Ohio this season. FINALLY.

Season Stats:
Winter Weather Advisories- 11

Nicest Weekend All Year

By: Buckey2745, 3:01 PM GMT on April 12, 2014

I'm going out on a limb and saying this will be the nicest weekend of weather all year. Sure this summer we may see some better pool weather days. But in terms of comfort and weather that will please flat out everyone... this is it. 70's. Sunny. Perfect.

It's 64° and it's not even 11am yet. I can say for sure that hasn't happened this year.

Maybe it's just all relative. We've had a very long winter and at times it really felt like it woul...

April 7th: Slight Risk of Severe Today

By: Buckey2745, 3:13 PM GMT on April 07, 2014

Last week's severe weather never panned out for us here in Central Ohio which is why I never posted a follow up to the slight risk threat from the SPC. But now we have a Slight Risk for us here in Central and Southern Ohio. This threat looks more promising than last weeks, but it still isn't a classic setup.

Below is the severe risk map for today:

I don't feel really confident about our severe potential today for the simple fact that we w...

Updated: 7:52 PM GMT on April 07, 2014

Spring Storms Possible This Week

By: Buckey2745, 8:15 PM GMT on April 02, 2014

Ah. You can feel Spring in the air already. Yesterday we reached a high of 74.8°, which is the warmest day we have had here in Central Ohio since we got to 76° all the way back on October 11, 2013! Kids, that's 173 days... almost HALF A YEAR.

And I was stuck inside all day yesterday. Poor me.

Are you ready for some more Spring? It's on the way with a severe weather outbreak throughout the Midwest starting tomorrow.

The SPC h...

Accumulating Snow Possible Today/Tonight

By: Buckey2745, 11:55 AM GMT on March 29, 2014

I haven't talked much about it in the past couple days because honestly I didn't have much confidence that we would actually see any snow out of this system. If this were about 30-60 days ago, I would have been talking about this setup for a week. It's a classic southern low that usually dumps on us in the winter months. But the end of March? Usually not so much.

But here we are, first thing in the morning, talking about a snowy end to our Saturday.

Updated: 1:31 PM GMT on March 30, 2014

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