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By: Bogon, 1:44 AM GMT on November 18, 2011

Most of my creative effort here at Weather Underground goes into this blog. The product is mostly verbal. By now I've accumulated a fair sample of photographs over on the gallery side, too, where the product is visual. While some WUsers focus on Wunder Photos exclusively, photography has always been a sideline with me.

Today I'm going to recycle photos to whip up a new blog entry. It should be a quick read. Lots of pictures. No heavy discussion, no world-shaking import.

Statistics: There are a few hundred (375?) pictures in all. Today I counted thirty-seven photos with a grade of 9 or better. Twenty-six shots have been selected by at least one viewer as favorites. And so far I've garnered exactly one Approver's Choice award. Without further ado, here it is:

No big deal, right? It was certainly no big deal when I took it. For some reason I got up early one morning. Maybe I had to take out the garbage. (The garbage truck comes really early in my neighborhood.) Maybe I couldn't sleep. Anyway, I took a look at that mackerel sky and decided to go grab my camera. That was the extent of my involvement. The rest was up to the critics.

This is a weather site, so clouds, sunrise and sunset are popular choices for photographers. They're easy. The sky is always up there, and twice a day it's twilight. Here's another dawn shot, a personal favorite.

If the number in the URL means what I think it does, that is the second photo I ever uploaded. The rest of the pictures you'll see here are not necessarily my picks. They were rated highly by viewers. Some of Bogon's Greatest Hits. :o)

Let's start with another easy subject, flowers.

Maestro, some traveling music, please.

That last one is from my home town, so it didn't entail much travel. My favorite mode of travel for photography is pedestrian. I may not go far, but it's easy to spot a subject, stop and shoot.

Then there is the natural world. Not always easy, but gratifying.

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