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New Blog Theme: Weather in North Carolina And Beyond

By: Bluestorm5, 6:41 PM GMT on April 05, 2014


Hey, y'all! I hope y'all are having a great winter even though it was a cold one for most of us in Eastern USA. I've been incredibly busy this semester with schoolwork as well as commitment to few activities I do here at UNCA. However, North Carolina also received a lot of wintry weather thanks to numerous of cold air damming events. Since I'm very active on Twitter, there were many times that I tweeted about an upcoming wintry weather to my followers in Asheville as well as back home in Central North Carolina. Because of that, I've gotten a lot of questions from them about what's going to happen with the weather. That got me thinking of doing a blog for people that I do know in real life. The thing is that no one knows that I've been blogging on here for 3 years now so maybe it's about time for me to expend this blog to them. By making this blog public to my Twitter followers, I can also get some attention from professionals. I also could use this blog to build up my resume if I need it. I've been toying with this idea for few months now, but I've decided to go ahead and make this blog even more public outside WU community. I just want to say thank you to all of my friends on this website for supporting me the past three years and I hope y'all will still do so :)

(Caption: By far my favorite picture I took in Asheville. This is from January 28/29 event which gave UNCA 2 inches of snow. In this picture is UNCA's snow covered baseball field with Mt. Pisgah overlooking the whole area in the background. Credit goes to me for the picture.)


Because I want to make this blog public, I also want to look as professional as possible since I'm in college now hoping to attract grad schools or future employers. I've decided to delete all of my past 22 blog posts since they look pretty amateurish and I do not want to risk my old posts hurting me in the future somehow. I've also decided to make a new logo for my WU username on here as well as setting up an overall theme. For now and on, I'll be posting posts depending on my current meteorological interest whether if it's locally, nationally, or globally. That's why I chose "Weather In North Carolina And Beyond" as the new name to this blog. That way, I can blog about what's going on in North Carolina to my Twitter followers, but also about events outside North Carolina or even United States of America. My blogs might be mostly short rather than long, well detailed one so I don't have to put too much pressure on myself to commit to this blog. I'm just going to freely write and post whenever I feel like it, which worked for one of my classes at UNCA. If I do that style, then I might be posting a lot more than 22 posts in 3 years :)

(Caption: This is another winter picture shot from me from February 12/13 even in which UNCA got 8 inches of snow. This cabin is located in Asheville Botanical Gardens. Credit goes to me for the picture.)


As WU community know, I've been posting blogs on tropical cyclones for the past three years. These blog posts usually included a tracking map of the current cyclone as well as a personal forecast from me that is not met to be taken as seriously. I absolutely love trying to forecast cyclones and sharing my thoughts about them, but I am also trying my hardest to be reasonable about it and not hype up the storm like most weather hobbyists or amateurs on Facebook/Twitter do. I feel like blogging is the best way for me to learn about storms and I will continue to do so, but I also want to respect the actual pros that do forecasting for living to save actual lives. Of course, tropical cyclones isn't my only interest in meteorology or is the central interest of mine's. However, Weather Underground is well known for population of tropical cyclone trackers as well as many great blogs about cyclones. Anyway, here's the sample of what 2014 tracking graphic look like from fictitious Major Hurricane Arthur about to impact Wilmington, NC:

(Credit: NHC for background map. Rest was made by me.)

Thanks for reading and don't forget to follow me on Twitter at @KyleNoel15! Have a good day!

Kyle Noël

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