December 30, 2014 Power Outage

By: BlacknWhite, 10:10 PM GMT on December 30, 2014

Power was interrupted between approximately 8:45AM and 2:00PM due to high winds snapping a local power pole. Our thanks to PG&E for a quick repair!

Weather Data Interruption

Updated: 10:12 PM GMT on December 30, 2014

Rain Data For The Birds

By: BlacknWhite, 6:43 PM GMT on December 15, 2014

The little birds have learned a new trick lately, that of leaving their calling cards in the rain gauge. The first hint that something's up is no rain accumulation when a storm hits, and picking the gooey mess out of the strainer with my fingers is something I look forward to soooooo much! Looks like the current accumulation for this storm if light by a tenth of an inch or so...

Weather Data Interruption Rain

More Rain in July?!?

By: BlacknWhite, 8:15 PM GMT on July 22, 2014

Brief shower this morning, just enough to soak through a T-Shirt. Now there's thunder in the distance. Can rainbows be far behind?

July 8th Power Outage

By: BlacknWhite, 2:14 PM GMT on July 11, 2014

Weather data was lost between the hours of 9AM to 3PM on July 8, 2014 due to a scheduled power outage by PG&E. The battery powered weather station and monitoring computer continued to operate through the outage, but satellite based Internet service was down and prevented data transfer during that time.

Weather Data Interruption

Early Rain!

By: BlacknWhite, 2:02 PM GMT on July 11, 2014

Was awakened at about 3AM by rain on the windows, but it only lasted a few minutes. Only 0.01" in the gauge, so not enough to make any difference. Sounds of thunder in the distance, but fortunately none close by.


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