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Things Denialists *Must* Believe

By: Birthmark, 4:30 PM GMT on October 26, 2013

When denialists state "it hasn't warmed in fifteen years" they are attempting to claim that CO2 doesn't cause warming. However, there are other things they are claiming, inadvertantly:

-They are claiming that La Nina doesn't cause cooling since there has been a preponderance of La Nina over El Nino beginning in 1999, and weak El Ninos. (The El Ninos have all been weak, too.)

-They are claiming that Solar variation doesn't affect temperatures. We had the lowest solar minimum in roughly one hundred years and a subsequent very weak solar maximum...

..yet we haven't cooled precipitously.

-They are claiming that the PDO has no real effect since we have been in a negative PDO since ~1999.

Despite all of the downward forcing on surface temperature since 1998, temperatures have risen in all but one data set (RSS) over that time-frame. That is impossible unless the above mentioned factors have no effect on temperature or some other mysterious force is offsetting the cooling or Earth's surface temperature is magical. This is what the denialists argue when they claim that there's been no warming, though they probably haven't thought about it up to now.

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Updated: 10:31 PM GMT on October 26, 2013


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