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By: BigBug , 8:17 PM GMT on June 16, 2012

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Time again to put up a fresh entry, so am having Little Bug get me started anew. Even if I don't post often, I do appreciate visits, posts and comments.

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79. palmettobug53
4:06 PM GMT on August 14, 2012
Hi, Dad.

Aunt "C" emailed me to say that Uncle "D"
did move over to The Oaks yesterday.

I have my map printed. I don't think I'll
have much trouble finding The Oaks, as it's
called now.

I'll leave here around 8:30 or so in the morning.
I'm a bit leery of getting there too early, as
they may have him involved in doing therapy or
something. Out of his room, anyway.

I'll have to stop at the office to find out
where he is at The Oaks. Aunt "C" didn't
give me a wing or a hall name or a room

If Uncle "D"'s lady friend is there, I will
thank her for all she's done for him, since
he's been in hospital. I know it's been a lot
for her to do and we all appreciate it. Even if
she's not there, I'll tell Uncle "D".

I will get lunch somewhere in O'burg before I
leave town to do the rest of the drive.

I've just browsed over the Wesley Commons
newsletter and menu for this week. The menu
choices look yummy. There's something I like
on each day.

Depending on what time I wind up leaving O'burg,
I may arrive somewhere between 3L00, 3:30 or 4:00.

I WILL be there before supper.
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78. palmettobug53
4:27 PM GMT on August 13, 2012
Hi, Dad.

Knock on wood, I think I may be in good
shape here at work, for taking some time
off this week. There's still tomorrow
for the avalanche to arrive. Can't count
my chickens before they hatch.

Had a bit of a busy day yesterday. I washed
another couple of loads of clothes, did some
dusting and picking up, went to Walmart, put
money on my Walmart gift card to use for gas,
got gas. It was 3.36 with the 3 cents off.

I saw a station on the way to work this morning
that had regular for 3.44.

Need to print out my directions to Methodist
Oaks. I've been too busy this morning to do
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77. palmettobug53
3:01 PM GMT on August 12, 2012
Hi, Dad,

Happy Sunday.

I never did get to Walmart yesterday. Right
about the time I was thinking of getting in
the truck to go, I noticed black clouds
looming. Checked the radar and there was a
front coming through.

I didn't want to get down there and get
caught in the rain, so just decided to wait
until today. I'll go later this afternoon.

Got a short email from Aunt "C" this
morning, before she left for church.

Uncle "D" is still in hospital and may
go to Methodist Oaks tomorrow. They're
waiting on his doctor to review xrays
and labs.

Would you like to go over to their house
for lunch or supper while I'm there?
Aunt "C" says they would love to have us,
if you feel up to going. I don't know
what she'd fix but it would be home
cooked; a bit of a change from the cafe
or dining hall.

If not, maybe we can have them over and
have a meal delivered or I can go pick
it up.

Whatever you want to do will be fine.

I looked up driving directions to
Methodist Oaks online. I know Hubby and
I went to see Papa but it's been a while
and I've forgotten the way. I do see a
sign on Hwy 301, as I'm coming in to
O'burg on the way up to see you.

I've got to find a printer that is
compatible with this laptop. That little
Canon printer that we bought together all
those years ago in Sumter still works but
the plug isn't the right kind to plug
into this laptop. I've watched the paper
and I've looked at Walmart but haven't
seen anything I wanted. Most of them
are big, with a big price tag. More than
what I need. In the meantime, if I need
to print something, I just email the link
or copy/paste the info on the page to
myself at work and print it there.

Did you enjoy your company this past week?

I understand that "L's" brother, cousin and
cousin's partner were coming for a few days.

She told me that her brother is having more
heart surgery and he wanted to come see
everyone beforehand. He'll probably not
be up for traveling for a while afterwards,
I'm sure.

Talk to you later!
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76. palmettobug53
1:58 PM GMT on August 11, 2012
Ooh, Pros, what lovely roses!

Hi, Dad.

It's sunny and breezy outside this morning.

I wasn't able to reach our cousin, when I
called last night. I left a brief message
that I'd call back and that Uncle "D" was
tentatively expected to be moved to
Methodist Oaks for continued recuperation,
either yesterday or Monday.

I haven't heard anything further. I'd had
an email Thursday from Aunt "C" .
They'd been back to O'burg on
Wednesday, as I'm sure you probably know
by now. Her nephew had passed and they'd
gone to the funeral, then back to see Uncle
"D" afterwards.

Got laundry to do and some household chores,
errands to run. Need to go back to Walmart
and get some $$$$ on my gift card for gas,
get gas. Something for dinner tomorrow but
I have no idea what to fix yet. I also have
a few things to drop off at Goodwill on the
way to Walmart. I might look around inside
while I'm there. I've nothing in particular
in mind but you never know what they'll have.
Browse through the pants and skirts to see
if there's anything I can use. I do need
some khaki pants or skirts for work. Yeah,
I know I can buy new but I can sometimes find
new or nearly new, on their racks and at a
much reduced price. I have plenty of tops;
I just need some more bottoms to go with

Better get moving. Looking forward to
spending some time with you next week.
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75. Proserpina
1:19 AM GMT on August 11, 2012
Member Since: May 6, 2008 Posts: 185 Comments: 19067
74. palmettobug53
4:46 PM GMT on August 10, 2012
Hi, Dad.

Emailed Aunt "C" and asked for the latest.

She emailed me back and told me that her
nephew had passed and they'd gone back
to O'burg for the funeral at Willow Swamp.
Afterwards, they went to see Uncle "D"

I'm sure they've told you.

Looks like Uncle "D" will move to Methodist
Oaks. She says he's pitching fits about
the fact that they've told him he'd be
there for 20 days. Says he's not going to
do it but I don't think he's got much say in
the matter. It'll be up to his doctors.

I'll have to get directions from Mapquest.
I know I've been there quite a few times,
while Papa was living there but I've
forgotten the exact way. I see the sign,
"Methodist Oaks" on Hwy 301 when I get off
the interstate comeing up to Greenwood.

Rainy here today. I do hope I can manage to
get up to Greenwood and back next week
without having to drive through a deluge.

The Atlantic Cape Verde freight train is
having departures from Africa every couple of
days. I'm crossing my fingers that the El
Nino forms, like they're talking about.
That will help inhibit some of the storms
from forming.

Ain't this fun? NO!
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73. palmettobug53
5:06 PM GMT on August 09, 2012
Hi, Dad.

Boy, gas prices are skyrocketing.

I'm seeing a jump in almost 25 cents over the past two weeks.

One station on the way in to town this morning has
regular at 3.59!

I filled up at Murphys/Walmart Sat for 3.26.
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72. palmettobug53
3:42 PM GMT on August 08, 2012
Hi, Dad.

boy, is it wet out there today. Rain, rain, rain.

Got an email from your better half, telling me
that she will have someone get your lunch so that
I'm not locked into getting there by 12:00.
I will stop in O'burg on the way up next week to
see Uncle "D" before coming on to Greenwood.

That means I'll probably get lunch in O'burg and
won't arrive at the house until maybe mid
afternoon. I will be there well before
suppertime. I just can't give you a set time,
since I don't know who all I might see while
visiting Uncle "D". I won't stay too long
with him, as I don't want to tire him out, and
I might spend some time talking with whoever
else is there.

I need to email Aunt "C" and let her know, so
she can tell me where he is next Wed. I'm
assuming he's still in hospital, as I've not
heard any different as of last night.

gotta go. Have an appt this afternoon and am
only allowed 30 minutes for lunch.

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71. palmettobug53
4:57 PM GMT on August 07, 2012
Hi, Dad.

Rained again last night and, I think,
sometime this morning. I don't have
a window, so it's hard to tell unless
I go look out the lobby.

I see Florence has about petered out but
there's always the possibility of her
getting back on her feet again.

There's another wave to watch off Africa.

Things are popping this time of year.
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70. palmettobug53
4:57 PM GMT on August 06, 2012
Hi, Dad.

Rained again yesterday. I had to run out
and snatch stuff off the line but most of
it was dry and already inside.

We got about 3/4 of an inch.

Eating lunch. Or trying to. I had fixed
ham, baked potatoes and cabbage yesterday.

When fixing my little lunch plate, I think
I got too much hot sauce on my cabbage.

I did two drops and should have done one.

The name is warning enough: Hell's Kitchen
Hot Sauce. And it is HOT. Good, though.

Gasp, wheeze, OH YUM....
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69. palmettobug53
2:52 PM GMT on August 05, 2012
Hi, Dad.

Had a very nice visit with our cousin
yesterday. Her niece came down from
Rock Hill and we all had lunch.

Her daughter didn't get there until after
we'd eaten.

Because I was there longer than expected,
I passed on visiting the Goodwill store
over there but I did stop at Hyam's
Garden Center and found three nice little
air plants.

I got home, sat for a bit, then it was
off to Walmart to get my prescriptions
filled, get fresh birdseed and gas up
the truck.

Gas is going for anything from 3.25 to 3.35
here. It jumped about 10 cents overnight.

The birds are happy. I found that my seed
supply was infested with weevils last weekend,
so had to dump the nasty seed and wash/air
out the can I store it in. It was a good
thing I didn't have much seed left in the
can. That last bag I bought must have had
some eggs or hitchhikers in it. It looked
fine the weekend before.

I'm doing laundry now.

Aunt "C" emailed me to tell me how their
trip down to O'burg went. I was hoping
that they would have had some news as to
when Uncle "D" would be released from the
hospital but it seems like he's still
having some issues.

Got to stop and get that next load of
clothes on the line.

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68. palmettobug53
11:40 AM GMT on August 04, 2012
Hi, Dad.

Happy Saturday.

I see we have two things to watch in the tropics.

Ernesto won't be a problem for us. I saw that
wave coming off Africa is now TD 6. The track
for it is a bit north of Ernesto's and it might
be something for us to keep a close eye on.

It's early yet and it'll take a few days for
them to get a good idea of where it will go.

I still don't have all my weathe websites
bookmarked on this laptop. I had them on my
old computer and I have them at work. I need
to find some time at lunch to copy/paste the
links into an email, send them to my home
email and then bookmark them into my laptop.

Most of what I'm missing are my model runs
and I can't seem to get the ones I want to
come up when I ask Uncle Google.

I did reach our cousin last night, right off the
bat, when I called. Which is unusual these days.
She stays so busy at Bishop Gadsden, she's
hardly ever in her room to answer the phone.

Her daughter is coming over this morning but
I'm going to go over between 9:30 and 10:00.
We can visit until she gets there.

And though I used the excuse that I was going to
be over that way to go to Goodwill and Hyam's
and wanted to stop by to see her, I am going to
go ahead and do it after I leave Bishop Gadsden.

I won't go all the way over to James Island just
to shop but I would do it sometimes after I
visited her at her house on Saturdays. Maybe
once a month or so.

I didn't see an email from Aunt "C", so I
suppose that they did get to O'burg and back yesterday with no problem. Did either of you
go with them? I know you'd really want to see
Uncle "D" but that drive is a bit much. I know
it's frustrating for you that you can't get out
and go, like you'd want to.

Got an email from "L", Aunt "C" and Uncle "G"
daughter. She's been out to Yellowstone,
Jackson, Wyoming and points west. Having a
blast but wanted the latest on Uncle "D" and
how our cousin on James Island were doing.

Better get another cup of coffee and hit a
few blogs, before getting ready to go over to
James Island.
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67. palmettobug53
4:32 PM GMT on August 03, 2012
Hi, Dad.

So, we have Ernesto churning around in the
Caribbean. I see another wave coming off

The seasonal Cape Verde freight train has
left the station. Oh, joy.

Maybe we'll luck out again this year and
not have anything hit us.

I know Aunt "C" and Uncle "G" were thinking
about driving to O'burg today to visit
Uncle "D". I know they planned to ask the
two of you if you wanted to go with them.

Hope they release him from hospital soon.
I think they've been discussing a nursing
home or rehab facility for a bit, since they
don't want him to go home alone. Or maybe
his son, his daughter in law or his daughter
will stay with him for a few days, while he
recovers from his surgery.

Will try calling our cousin tonight after I
get home. I think I'm just going to tell her
that I'm going to be over on James Island
tomorrow morning and that I want to stop by.
I know her daughter will be coming sometime
Sat morning but we can visit until she gets there.
Then, I can swing by Goodwill and Hyam's
Nursery on Folly Rd. I have been wanting to
go but I usually go when I'd visit our cousin.
since she moved to Bishop Gadsden, I haven't
hit the plant shop or the thrifts over that
way in quite a while.

Hope you two have a good day.

Love and (((HUGS)))
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66. palmettobug53
4:50 PM GMT on August 02, 2012
Hi, Dad.

Been keeping tabs on how Uncle "D" is
doing. I've been calling our cousin
and telling her what I find out.

She said she tried to call "D" (I'm
assuming it his room phone in hospital)
but had problems 'getting out'. I think
she needs to dial 9 for an outside line,
then '1', then the number.

She must have been using her room phone,
not her cell. If she was using her cell,
she wouldn't have to dial an outside line.

I dunno.

Anyway, I'm calling her when I hear something,
just to keep her in the loop.

I think Uncle "G" has been calling her, too.

I see we have Depression # 5 out there. Looks
like it will head south of Cuba and on through
to the GOM (Gulf of Mexico). Something to
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65. palmettobug53
5:13 PM GMT on August 01, 2012
Hi, Dad,

Just a quick peek today. Am really, really
busy. I think someone, somewhere heard the
rumor that I'm going to be out of the office
to come up to Greenwood and opened the flood
gates. I am swamped.
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64. Proserpina
10:35 AM GMT on August 01, 2012
Member Since: May 6, 2008 Posts: 185 Comments: 19067
63. sandiquiz
7:09 AM GMT on August 01, 2012

Wishing you a very happy and weather safe month!
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62. palmettobug53
4:47 PM GMT on July 31, 2012
got about 10 minutes to say "Hi" and "bye".

I've a dentist appt this afternoon and I have to leave 30 minutes early. That means I can only have 30minutes for lunch and it took me 10 to get my soup heated in the micro. People in line ahead of me.

Will check in this evening.
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61. palmettobug53
9:37 PM GMT on July 30, 2012
Hi, Dad.

I didn't get an email from Aunt "C" until
way after lunch.

Poor Uncle "D". More surgery today?
Aunt "C" said his son says he looks much
better this go round than he has since he's
been in hospital. I hope the encore surgery
takes care of things and his recovery will
be without further complications.

I just called and left a message for our cousin.
Again, I got her machine. They keep her
hoppiing over there at Bishop Gadsden. Her
social schedule is full; always something
going on and she's apparently taking it all

Uncle "G" talked to her this morning and was
supposed to call her back this evening to
let her know how things were going.

I might still try calling back after her
dinner hour.
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60. palmettobug53
4:54 PM GMT on July 30, 2012
Hi, Dad.

We got a teensy bit of rain last night but it
was just enough to wet the pavements down good;
there wasn't much in the guage.

I see we have our first Cape Verde invest out
there. It's that time of year. Just keep the
fingers and toes crossed that they don't come
anywhere near SC!

Need to check my email to see if Aunt "C" has
sent any further updates since yesterday

I did call our cousin to let her know about
Uncle "D" being in hospital. I promised to
keep her updated.
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59. palmettobug53
8:15 PM GMT on July 29, 2012
Hi, Dad.

I got a short email from Aunt "C" letting me
know that Uncle "D's" surgery went OK. She
said she gave you a call to let you know.

I've got to look through my cards and see if I
have anything suitable to send him. I'll send
it to the house, since I'm not sure just how
long he'll stay in hospital. If things go
well, he'll probably be home in a couple of days.

I'm glad that his doctor decided to do surgery,
rather than send him home with instructions to
come back if his symptoms persisted. Aunt "C"
said they found a bit of infection while they
were in there.

We're watching Andy Griffith while supper cooks.
This afternoon, they're showing mostly episodes
that feature Otis, the town drunk.

It got really black off to our north again. We
might get some rain out of it; we might not.
It looks like it's going to pass us by, with
most of it down around Edisto below us and the
rest across Mt. Pleasant.
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58. palmettobug53
4:17 PM GMT on July 29, 2012
Happy Sunday, Dad.

The rain cooled things off yesterday evening
but it's hot and sticky out there now.

Gus has been going out a little more but he
doesn't stay for long. A little sniffing
around the yard and a short nap in the shade
and he's ready to come back in.

Thunderstorms don't seem to bother him; he'll
snooze straight through some terrible crash
bangs. I guess he's just grateful that he's
inside and out of it. Not like this time last

I suppose you're watching a good bit of the
Olympic coverage.

I don't get to see much of it; it doesn't seem
to interest Hubby much and, when he's home, he
pretty much controls the clicker. His taste
in TV shows isn't the same as mine. Once I get
back to work, I can't watch anything at all,
unless they rerun some stuff during the evening.
I don't have to fight over the clicker then, as
Hubby goes to bed so early!

I heard that Uncle "D" is in the hospital for
gall bladder issues. Aunt "C" is keeping me
filled in. Got an email from her yesterday,
giving me the news and that he was to have had
surgery this morning. They do that laparoscopically
now, so his recovery shouldn't be a problem.

I know they first said they wouldn't do surgery
but I think going ahead was a good idea. Do it
and get it over with and he won't have to worry
about having issues with it in the future.

I don't like heating up the house in the summer
by using the oven too often, esp when the temps
outside are really hot, like today. I try to come
up with meals that don't require a lot of

Today I'm fixing Stouffer's 'Grandma's Chicken
Rice Bake", which is isn't too bad. Hubby
hasn't objected to it, which is another plus.
I can throw it in the microwave. Fix a
vegetable (today it's okra), slice some tomatoes,
maybe a cucumber. I've got some canteloupe in
the icebox. I'll be done and the house will be a
bit cooler than if I'd used the oven.
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57. Proserpina
1:45 PM GMT on July 29, 2012
Member Since: May 6, 2008 Posts: 185 Comments: 19067
56. palmettobug53
11:25 PM GMT on July 28, 2012
Hi, Dad.

Sorry for the late check in today.

I didn't wake up this morning until 8:30.
Got my coffee and the paper, then showered,
dressed and got started on the laundry.

It's a good thing I did, so it was all dry
and inside when the rain hit a little while

It came down hard, too, but there's barely a
third of an inch in the gauge. It looks like
downtown, Mt Pleasant may be getting the
brunt of it. It's pretty much stopped, here,
but is the radar in that area still looks a
bit nasty.

Hubby got home around 12. He'd brought hot dog
fixin's. I had a pimento cheese sandwich for
lunch. We've been watching WWII movies most of
the afternoon, with a few peeks at the Olympic
coverage, in between getting the clothes in and
put away as they dried.

Tomorrow, I'll do a little housecleaning, fix
something for dinner and get ready to head
back to work Monday.

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55. palmettobug53
5:08 PM GMT on July 27, 2012
hi, Dad.

Just counting down the hours and minutes
until I can clock out.

I will say it is good to be so busy that the
day seems to go by faster.

I stopped by the grocer on the way home
yesterday. It was 5:30 by the time I
got home. Later, after I'd put everything
up. Figured our cousin was probably on her
way to the dining room, so thought I'd call
around 7:30. I forgot.

Ah, well, I'll try tonight.

I could have sworn I'd seen a hummingbird last
week or the week before, so put up my feeder.
I haven't seen a thing, since. The nectar
levels do go down a bit but I think it's from

I'm beginning to wander if what I saw whiz
past out the corner of my eye was a dragon fly
rather than a hummer.
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54. palmettobug53
4:17 PM GMT on July 26, 2012
Hi, Dad.

Gas prices are leaping upwards.

I saw a Kangaroo/BP station this
morning with regular for 3.19.

It was just 3.12 the other day.

3.09 last week.

No more rain since night before
last but it is HOT out there.

I tried to do a little weeding
last night but between the heat
and the mosquitos, I gave up.

I hope the weather lets up some
before I come up next month. AND
I hope gas prices level off.

P.S. I am really enjoying my vent
visors over my door windows. They're
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53. palmettobug53
4:40 PM GMT on July 25, 2012
Hi, Dad.

That storm that moved though last
night was more bark than bite.

It got really windy and I could see
lots of lightning in the clouds but
it moved over fast. The wind died
down before it hit.

I'll have to check the gauge and
see just how much rain we got but
I don't think it was much.

need to get back to work
Member Since: October 7, 2005 Posts: 245 Comments: 26057
52. palmettobug53
4:35 PM GMT on July 24, 2012
OUCH! Wab, I saw on the weather this
morning that ya'll were really, really,
hot. Triple digit hot.

Hi, Dad.

Kinda warm out there for us, too, but not
as bad as Wab - He's up in Illinois.

I'm managing to get in a couple of posts
but will have to cut my lunch short. We're
not supposed to but if I don't tell, then
who's gonna know. I have too much work piled
up on me.
Member Since: October 7, 2005 Posts: 245 Comments: 26057
51. whitewabit (Mod)
3:28 AM GMT on July 24, 2012
Big Bug .. Hope your staying cool .. 105.8 here this afternoon in central Illinois ...
Member Since: August 17, 2005 Posts: 375 Comments: 35458
50. palmettobug53
4:22 PM GMT on July 23, 2012
Hi, Dad,

Really busy today, esp since I have that
audit to do.

It looks like we're going to have some
much warmer temps this week. Mid 90's.

I thought it was going to shower yesterday
but all we got was a brief sprinkle. I'll
need to water my potted plants this afternoon.
Member Since: October 7, 2005 Posts: 245 Comments: 26057
49. palmettobug53
5:24 PM GMT on July 22, 2012
Hi, Dad.

Hot out there again today, isn't it?

I just got the last load of laundry
on the line. I did most of it
yesterday but still had the bed linens
to do.

Got an email from Aunt "C". She said
that "L" was not going to Myrtle Beach
next week. I hope it was not because
I couldn't get up to stay with you.

As it turns out, even if I had been
coming, I'd have to cancel. I got
hit with an audit Friday afternoon.
I'm the only one that handles them and
they have to be done as soon as they
come in. These audits come in about
every 3 months and can sometimes take
2-3 days to complete.

All of my other work has to go on hold
until the audit is completed. Which
means my desk would be backlogged even
more than it already is. If your desk
is backed up, you can't take off.

I was in the process of training a
coworker as my backup but had not made
much progress before he'd been reassigned
to other duties.

I swear, it's just one thing after another.

I keep telling myself, "I love my job, I
love my job, I love my job." I do love
my job but I need backup.

Ok, enough. I need some cheese with my

I spotted a hummingbird Monday after work.
Ran inside, fixed up the feeder and put it
out. Haven't seen hide nor hair of the
little rascal since. The nectar level went
down some but I think it was just evaporation.

I washed out the feeder, refilled it and
put it back out yesterday.

I got what I needed from Walmart yesterday.
Picked up my prescription refills, got a
few groceries, got gas. It's back up to
3.04 at Murphy's with my Walmart gift card.

I spotted one place on James Island after
leaving my Dr. appt Friday morning. They
wanted 3.17 for regular. Most of the other
stations are at 3.09 to 3.12.

I have some speckled heart butterbeans to
cook for dinner today. I got them a couple
of weeks ago at The Vegetable Bin downtown.
I put them in the freezer. I'll fix a pot
of rice, slice some tomatoes that I got at
The Vegetable Bin this week. I'm going to
cheat and go to Publix and get some fried
chicken from the deli.

I havne't had any fried chicken since the
reunion dinner in April. I don't fry foods
much, anymore. Not since Hubby's cholesterol
got high and he went on statins. He still
eats fried foods, as he stops fairly often
at Piggly Wiggly and gets fried chicken, or
to Captain D's and gets fried fish or shrimp.
Then, he hides the containers, thinking I won't
see them. HA!
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48. Proserpina
3:24 PM GMT on July 22, 2012
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47. palmettobug53
1:47 PM GMT on July 21, 2012
Happy Saturday, Dad.

Kind of an iffy day for clothes washing.
Dark clouds on the horizon but the sun is
shining in our yard. I won't be able to
leave the house if I put things on the line.
Need to be here to grab them in, if necessary.

No visit to my cousin this week. Again. Now
that she's in Bishop Gadsden, they keep her
hopping with daily activities. They always
have something going on and they don't like
the residents to spend too much time alone in
their rooms. They want them out and active,
so her days are busy. I'm always getting her answering machine.

She says she does get tired but, on the whole,
I think she's having a ball. She's always been
very social and involved and having all these
people around her and all the activities going
on have perked her up.

Now that she's in assisted living and no
longer by herself at home, Saturdays and
Sundays are generally when her children
and grands come by. Her daughter tends
to come on Saturdays to spend most of the
day and take her out to run any errands or
shopping that she needs to do. Her son
does pop in and out during the week, as well.
They both call daily.

It doesn't bother me to have one
of her children come in while I'm there but
I think she finds it hard to give what she
feels is like the appropriate attention to
each of us. She prefers 'one-on-one' time
for frequent visitors.

Not that a group coming to visit is a
problem for her, like when some of the family
rides down from O'burg to see her.

I was hoping that, once she got settled in
and a routine in place, we could set one
afternoon each week after I got off work
that would be 'my' time to visit. So far,
that hasn't happened. She does have free
time during the weekdays but with me working,
well... We'll give it some time. She hasn't
been there much longer than a couple of months.

Need to make a run down to Walmart to pick up
my prescription refills and get gas. Prices
are rising again. Bleah.

Also need to check under the hood and see how
that coolant level is doing. When the mechanic
said small crack in the engine and a small leak
over time, I need to know how fast or how slow
that leak is. So, I'm checking every two
weeks to see where that coolant level is and
the level in the radiator.

That radiator cap is hard to get off. I haven't
managed it yet. I have to get Hubby to do it
and he can barely get it off.

Better get moving!
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46. palmettobug53
4:46 PM GMT on July 20, 2012
Hi, Dad.

got in to work about 9:00. Got scrips
to refill. I'll have to wait on the
lab results to see where my cholesterol is,
now that I've been on simvastatin for 3

That'll take a few days.
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45. palmettobug53
2:17 AM GMT on July 20, 2012
Hi, Dad.

Thought I'd better post in before heading to
bed, as my lunch break will be brief tomorrow.

I have a doctor's appt. Going in to see my
primary care physician, as he wants to do
labs on my cholesterol levels. It's been
three months now since I've been on the statin.

When we use leave time for appts or whatnot,
we not allowed a full hour lunch. We can only
take 30 minutes. Which barely allows time to
get something heated up in the microwave in
the kitchen, as there's usually a line. That
leaves us wolfing down lunch and dealing with
indigestion for the afternoon!

We got almost an inch of rain this afternoon.
The late afternoon pop up thunderstorm finally
hit us today. Naturally, it started just as
I was leaving town after work and, once across
the bridge, it poured. Had traffice crawling
along at about 25 mph. It was still raining
when I pulled in the drive but was light
enough that I was able to get to the front stoop
without getting soaked.

I tried to call our cousin twice after getting
home. Once around 5:15 and then again about 8:00.
Got her machine both times, so I'll try again

If I don't touch base during my short lunch, I'll
check in tomorrow evening. I won't know anything
about my appt until the labs come back, which
will take a few days.

Until then....

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44. palmettobug53
4:28 PM GMT on July 19, 2012
Hi, Dad.

Still no rain. I thought for sure
we'd get some yesterday. It looked
dark off on the horizon as I was
coming home after work.

It didn't even get near us.

I spent some time outside last night,
doing some weeding. Once the mosquitos
got after me, I went back inside.

There wsn't much of anything on TV
last night, so worked crosswords.

I thought I'd try calling our cousin
tonight and see what she's been up
to. If she's free tomorrow afternoon
or Sat morning, I'll go over for a visit.

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43. palmettobug53
4:41 PM GMT on July 18, 2012
Hi, Dad.

We had our staff meeting this morning, which
always messes up my schedule.

No rain yet, though it looks like there's
little bits of activity wandering about.

No big front; just little pop up storms.

It'll probably hit when I clock out to
go home.

Hope your day is going well.

Love you,
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42. palmettobug53
4:41 PM GMT on July 17, 2012
Hi, Dad.

It never did rain yesterday.

I went to The Vegetable Bin after work
yesterday and got some fresh, local

Edward and his wife, (landlord across the
street) were back yesterday, doing some
more surveying, I suppose, of what needs to
be done in order to get that house cleaned up
and ready for new tenants.

I know Lotus, the woman that lives next door
to that house, would rather like to move over.
She and her husband have been in their house for
a good 10-12 years and she says it needs a lot
of work. It is kind of hard for a landlord to
do work, with tenants in residence. It has been
a good 20 years or more, I think, since any
substantial maintenance has been done over there.
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41. palmettobug53
4:35 PM GMT on July 16, 2012
Hi, Dad,

Just a quick check in while I'm eating
lunch. Esp with that long comment
I posted last night.

Not much left to say!

It's another busy day here, as usual.

I see from the radar that there looks to be some
small pop up thunderstorms out there along
the coast. We might get some rain again
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40. palmettobug53
11:48 PM GMT on July 15, 2012
Hi, Dad.

Sorry I didn't get in an early morning
hello today.

I got up, read the paper and had a cup of coffee,
then showered, dressed and headed over to Dollar
General for a few misc items. They have a store
brand of vegetable juics that is the cheapest
I've seen for the 64 oz size. And half of what
they want for the V8 brand. I was out and I
always take a small container to work with me.

I did not get over to see our cousin this weekend
but I did speak with her on the phone this
afternoon. I tell you, her social calendar
is full, now that she's at Bishop Gadsden. Half
the time when I call, I get her machine and
that can be as late as 8:00.

When I do speak with her, she tells me all these
things she's doing and people she's meeting. I
am happy for her; it's keeping her active and you
know how much she loves to be around people.

I now have a laptop cart to use in the living
room at my recliner. You really aren't
supposed to hold them in your lap, despite
their name. They'll overheat. They need to be
on a hard surface.

I'd been using a TV dinner table but it really
wasn't right, height-wise. Typing on this thing
is way different from a desktop model and I've
had a lot of trouble getting used to the keyboard.

The family who had been renting the house across
the street moved out suddenly about 4 weeks ago.
(Not the house across from us at the end of the
street but the one to the left of it) They really
left the place in a mess. There's boxes and trash
in the carport. I could see some odd bits and
pieces still inside, along with more trash and

They have not been back since the weekend they moved. It looks like they've pretty much abandoned whatever they've left.

Oh, ho.... I see the landlord, Edward, just
pulled up over there. He is NOT going to be
happy with the state of that house, I can
tell you that!

Anyway, I had been seeing something in the carport
and I wasn't sure what it was, so I finally walked
over there yesterday afternoon. The odd piece of
wood looking thing that was sticking up was a
laptop cart. It has a rolling base that will fit
up underneath a chair or sofa and an adjustable
top for you laptop. When not in use, the top can
be folded down and the whole thing slid out of the way.

I'd seen one online and it was 149.00! I don't
think this one would have been that much, as it
is made from pressed board with a metal stand.
The other one looked to be much nicer materials.
Still, it probably cost close to $100, if not
a little more.

Anyway, I decided that I was going to snag it, so I
did. Brought it home, cleaned it up. It was filthy.
Covered in dust, dirt, cobwebs. Drinks had been spilled on it and dried. It looks good, now.
I think I'm really going to like it. There is one screw that has pulled loose from one side of the pressed board, underneath. I may try a little
longer screw and some wood glue and see how that does. As it is now, the loose screw doesn't seem to be that much of a problem.

Oh, boy, Lotus is out there now giving Edward and
his wife what's obviously blow by blow details of his tenants faults and sloppy move a month ago.
She's waving her arms and I can see she's talking a mile a minute. That's Lotus for you.

Anyway, I just wanted to check in before my show
comes on tonight. I've been watchng something on
PBS on Sunday nights called "Queen and Country"
about the Queen and the Royal family. It has been
really interesting.

Are you ready to watch the Olympics?

I'll touch base tomorrow at lunch.

Love you
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39. palmettobug53
1:32 PM GMT on July 14, 2012
Hi, Dad.

Though it's not going to get too high
a temp today, it's very humid outside.

I'm starting to see a lot of mosquitos,
so have dug out the repellant.

I never did reach our cousin last night.
I left a message on her machine that I'd
try to call back today.

I've got laundry to do but I don't know
how much I'll get hung outside. I'm
already seeing some dark clouds off to
my north. We've got rain in the forecast
for pretty much the next week.

I didn't get much done yesterday
afternoon at work. We had not one, but
two, fire alarms. That meant we spent
a good hour, milling around outside,
while the firemen tried to figure out
what set it off.

Gus has had his morning saunter outside
and is now sleeping off his exhaustion.

I don't let him out in the mornings during
the work week, so he does enjoy 30 minutes
or so on Sat/Sun mornings. I'm afraid that,
if I let him out before work, I won't be able
to get him back in. I don't have time then
to be coaxing and calling and I won't leave
him out, if neither of us is home.

Better get that next load of clothes in.
I suspect the house will be draped with
wet clothes on hangers today.
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38. palmettobug53
11:59 PM GMT on July 13, 2012
I found out earlier this week, that
two people in my unit have changed

One girl has left the unit completely,
for another position elsewhere in the

The young man that I was training to
do some of my duties has been reassigned
to another job withing our unit.

So, I'm backup-less again.

Whether or not I'll have someone else
assigned to be trained as my backup
before I come up again in August is

BUT I will still be coming up, even if
it means all my work will be waiting on
me when I get back.

I am glad to hear that you told Uncle
"G" that you would not be going to the
beach the week of July 25th. I'm very
relieved. That trip would be too much, as
I'm sure you know. That last one just
about did you in.

Got to go; I need to call our cousin
and see how she's doing. IF I can
reach her. She's been so busy, coming
and going, since she's been in Bishop
Gadsden. Like Papa, I think she's loving
all the people and activity. She'd gotten
pretty isolated at the house, since she
couldn't get out and go, like she used to.
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37. palmettobug53
4:50 PM GMT on July 13, 2012
Oh, and my appt with
Dr Frampton was fine.

He renewed two of my
prescriptions and gave
me a home occult kit to
do and mail to the lab.

That's a home test for
GI bleeding. If it's clean,

If it is positive, then I'll
get with my GI doctor to see
about further tests.

I have not had any symptoms but
it has been a while since I've
had a colonoscopy. My insurance
won't pay for routine screenings
except for every 10 years. They
used to pay every 5 years.

Seems to me it would save them
more money, in the long run, to
pay for more preventive care and
screenings, than to
pay out the nose to try to cure
the patient of cancer, after the


Dr Frampton said it was always a
good idea to do this home test
once a year, in between colonoscopies,
just to be sure.
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36. palmettobug53
4:40 PM GMT on July 13, 2012
Hi, Dad.

Thank heavens it's Friday.

I am beat.

We got some more rain last night.

I called our cousin but she asked
me to call her back this afternoon,
as she couldn't talk right then.

I guess she either had a visitor or
was getting ready to go out for one
of their activities.

I'll try again later.
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35. palmettobug53
4:16 PM GMT on July 12, 2012
We got a little over an inch of rain

Downtown flooded, of course, since it
hit at high tide.

Very short lunch today, as I have an
appt with Dr. Frampton this afternoon
and I'll have to leave work early.

They now make us clock in and out and only
take 30 minute lunch, if you have to come
in late or leave early for appts.

I hope I don't get indigestion from
wolfing down my lunch.
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34. palmettobug53
4:34 PM GMT on July 11, 2012
Hi, Dad.

We got a little bit of rain last
yesterday around 5:00-5:30 or so.

Not much more than to settle the
dust but it did drop the temps.

I got outside before it even stopped
and did some weeding. Got a little
wet but it felt good.

Hope you got some, too.
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33. palmettobug53
4:51 PM GMT on July 10, 2012
Hi, Dad.

Thought we'd have some rain by now but,
no, the radar over charleston is perfectly

Hope we get some soon. The grass in the
yard (what's left of it) is dry and brittle.
You can only hand water for so long, too.
Things need a good soaking from the sky.

One of my trainees as backup here at work
has moved on to another job.

Now, I've got to see who my supervisor and
manager are going to assign to the task, so
I can start training. Again.
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32. palmettobug53
5:42 PM GMT on July 09, 2012
Nothing like a Monday to bring you back
to earth.

How does so much work accumulate over just
two days?

It's another HOT day here. I keep
hearing that we're going to get some
rain but I haven't seen a thing yet.

I'm having problems with my new work ID.
My old one cracked in half and was barely
working. I went last week to get a new
one. It works fine on the time clock and
on the locked doors to the office but I
can't get out of the parking lot with it.

I just faxed a copy to Parking Management
to see if they can get me proper access.

Trying to flag someone down to ask them
to use their card to let me out is a
a pain, as is pushing the intercom
button, since I can't hear anyone on the
other end and never know if someone is
there or not.

Back to work...
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31. palmettobug53
1:47 PM GMT on July 08, 2012
Happy Sunday, Dad.

I saw a June bug outside a little while ago!
I have not seen but one other June bug since I was
a kid, or teenager, maybe.

They don't fly very well, do they? It kept banging
into me, the chair on the front stoop, my planters,
before wobbling away around the corner of the

I've still got a little bit to do today. One
load of clothes left to wash, some more dusting
and picking up and beef stew to fix for dinner.

Hubby is outside now washing the car and truck.
Gus is out there with him but I'm sure he
retreated to a safe distance, once Hubby cut
the hose on.

Our next door neighbors are out of town and I've
been feeding their cat, Lexi. She's getting old
and is blind in one eye. I think her hearing
is bad, too. I try to spend a few minutes
giving her a little attention, when I go over.
Pet her and talk to her a little bit.

I hope this heat eases up some soon. It was
terribly hot here yesterday.

Since I am unable to get off work to come up
the week of July 25th, I hope you will agree
to having someone come in to stay with you.
It would not be a good idea to go with "L" to
the beach. You know how much it took out of
you last fall when you came to see me after my surgery and then went on up to Myrtle Beach.

You need to do what's best for you and let "L"
go and do her thing alone.

Love you.
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30. palmettobug53
3:02 PM GMT on July 07, 2012
Happy, hot Saturday, Dad.

I hope this heat lets up soon. I have
a load of yard work that needs to be
done. Even if I wait until 7 or after
to get outside, the humidity is so high,
it's nigh impossible to get much done.

I've found a bunch of poison ivy coming
up in that little flower bed around my
birdbath. Small plants. Probably from
birds eating the berries and then pooping
the seeds when they land for a drink.

I had a little bit of RoundUp and managed
to squirt some on them. Most look like
they're going to die but there's still
a couple that apparently didn't absorb
it like they should have and will need
to be resprayed. I'll have to get more
RoundUp this weekend.

I need to get rid of all of it while
they're still seedling sized plants. If
I don't, they'll be all that much harder
to get rid of.

I see gas prices have started to rise
again. They'd gotten as low as 2.92
a gallon. There's two stations on the
way home and I noticed Thursday that
they have it posted now at 2.97.

I'll be going to Walmart this afternoon
for a few groceries and to refill a
prescription. I'll top off the tank
while I'm there before the prices go
up any more.

The temp on the truck seems to be back
to normal but I think I should get some
coolant. When Hubby noticed the coolant
and radiatior were almost empty, he just
added water. The coolant mixture needs
to be 50/50 and right now, it's mostly
water. PEP Boys didn't refill it;
apparently, all they did was check to
see if there were leaks under pressure.

I should have been more specific when I
took the truck in, I suppose

I didn't go see our cousin yesterday or
this morning. She and her daughter spent
all yesterday afternoon, going to the bank,
running errands, stopping by their real
estate office, etc. She was pretty well
worn out, when I called last night.

She had a funeral to go to at Nativity
this morning.

She said her daughter in law's father
came over to Bishop Gadsden to see her
after she moved in. He liked what he
saw and he was to move in himself,
yesterday. She said she hadn't seen
him yet. I'm not sure if he's in the
same building she's in or not. He
might be.

He had been living at The Canterbury
House since his wife passed. It is
assisted living but they don't offer
the range of services that Wesley
Commons or Bishop Gadsden offers. It
is an apartment building setting and
the residents have to be able to be
able to live independently, with
minimal assistance.

Better get moving on my chores.

Love you.
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29. palmettobug53
4:30 PM GMT on July 06, 2012
Hi, Dad.

I just emailed "L" to break the bad news
that I can't get the 25th off to stay with
you while she goes to Myrtle Beach for her grand
daughter's softball tournament.

when I came back after Father's Day, there were already several people lined up to take vacation
time the end of July and the first full week of
Aug. Plus, my workload has just exploded and
there seems to be no light at the end of the
tunnel right now.

My supervisor has verbally OK'd Aug 16th and Aug 17th. That will give her a Thurs, Fri, Sat and
most of Sunday, as I would have to come home
Sunday afternoon.

I know it's not what she wants but it's the best
I can do.

I'm not going to visit our cousin today after work.
I called last night and she still didn't know
what her plans were. I will call back this
evening and see what's going on tomorrow

She said she was doing good. They keep her
really busy.

Still hot here and no rain yet. I saw a severe
storm warning for Saluda and Lexington on PBS
last night. Did that affect you?
last night that ther
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