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Multiday Severe Weather Outbreak Possible

By: AlecWxForecaster, 2:23 AM GMT on April 06, 2013

The red, yellow, and orange risk areas delineate to at least an Alert Level 3 while the areas not indicated by a corresponding day indicates a lower risk of severe weather. The main risks in the corresponding Alert Level 3 areas are the potential for widespread damaging winds/large hail and tornadoes...some possibly strong, especially on Tuesday. Otherwise, the marginal risk areas pose less of a severe weather threat. Stay modifications maybe needed in future outlooks. All forecasts are not final.

~Alec WxForecaster/Rod Micael


Alert Level 1: Low chance of an isolated severe thunderstorm. Tornado potential almost nonexistent.

Alert Level 2: Scattered severe thunderstorms. Main threats are damaging winds(60 mph) and/or a few isolated tornadoes and/or large hail up to an inch or larger.

Alert Level 3: Possible Widespread Event: Damaging winds of at least 70 mph and/or several tornadoes possible and/or large hail up to golf ball size or larger.

Alert Level 4: Widespread damaging winds of 70-80 MPH and/or tornadoes likely with a few strong and and/or large hail up to golf ball size or larger .

Alert Level 5: Widespread tornado outbreak likely. Several significant tornadoes will be possible and/or large hail up to golf ball size or larger.

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Updated: 2:26 AM GMT on April 06, 2013


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