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Bringing the Country into the City

By: AkashaD, 6:33 AM GMT on January 10, 2014

Life is being a bit different than I thought it would be here in Richardson. Over the last coupla weeks I've seen Coyotes. That one was totally unexpected. And late the other evening I think I saw a Horny Toad running into my log pile. Dallas has become miles of city with very little country left between it and Fort Worth. But as I should have know. Nature finds away.

I'm just not a city person. I fully admit that. But I also have the sense to recognize that its going to take some careful planning on my part to live the organic life the way I want to outside the city. Planing and a lot of time and patience. I'm older and country life is a lot harder than it looks in the brochure. No corners to cut and no days off for good behavior.

But for now I've got gardening to do. Some friends of mine have graciously donated their side and back yard to fill my gardening needs. I'm in the midst of planing out and starting out our herb and vegetable garden from seed. At first the kitchen looked like a nursery exploded. Then I came to my senses. I re-configured the laundry room and turned it into a minor greenhouse. We're having a real winter in Texas this year (it would figure as this is the first year I've ever, lived this far north). Its causing some complications for me but I'm at my best learning under pressure.

I've spent most of my horticultural career staying out of agriculture. Cheats and shortcuts you can use on ornamentals. Just don't work when you have to eat it. And it you wanna eat it. So does half of creation. Already we've been under attack by slugs and snails and I think a rabbit or two.

Hopefully soon I'll find the time to put up the pictures and video I took during the first Ice storm here in Dallas this season.


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