unusually wet June in Kuala Lumpur

By: 0122855600, 6:22 PM GMT on June 18, 2015

So far this June has been unusually wet for Kuala Lumpur.Based on data for Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport this June has already received the highest amount of rainfall for June since 2010 and with just one more thunderstorm bringing heavy rain, Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah airport may receive the highest amount of rainfall for June in more than 10 years.However weather models are predicting drier weather for the remainder of June with the CFS model predicting below averag...

Updated: 6:28 PM GMT on June 18, 2015

dry season in Kuala Lumpur

By: 0122855600, 3:56 AM GMT on August 18, 2014

Kuala Lumpur has experienced it's dry season since wind patterns became typical of that during the southwest monsoon on June 1 2014.

hot weather in Kuala Lumpur

By: 0122855600, 4:24 PM GMT on June 11, 2014

The weather in Kuala Lumpur has been very hot in these past few days as a hot air mass lies over the region.Even the rain yesterday's morning and today's morning hasn't provided much relief from the heat.

El Nino likely this year

By: 0122855600, 4:33 PM GMT on June 08, 2014

El Nino is likely to develop later this year.El Nino often but not always causes a drought over Malaysia.

thunderstorms in Kuala Lumpur

By: 0122855600, 4:18 PM GMT on May 09, 2014

Thunderstorms occurred in Kuala Lumpur again this evening.

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