Haze in Kuala Lumpur eases

By: 0122855600, 3:44 PM GMT on October 06, 2015

The haze in Kuala Lumpur eased slightly today as Typhoon Mujigae has made landfall over China and so generally easterly winds were blowing across Peninsular Malaysia and it also rained today in Kuala Lumpur.In a press statement issued today the Malaysian Metrological Department is expecting the haze to clear in the next few days as Typhoon Mujigae has made landfall over China and this will lead to light and variable winds over the region which is expected to lead to...

Haze in Kuala Lumpur

By: 0122855600, 5:51 AM GMT on October 03, 2015

The SPRINTARS air pollution forecast which I posted about a few days which can be accessed at http://sprintars.riam.kyushu-u.ac.jp/forecast2.htm l and selecting pm2.5 and/or pm10(under Asia>surface concentration category) the most appropriate as these pollutants are the most dominant during hazy periods was correct with the haze having worsened today.The thick haze today is caused by Tropical Storm Mujigae which is causing winds that are blowing the dense haze f...

Southwest monsoon coming to an end for Kuala Lumpur

By: 0122855600, 12:50 PM GMT on September 28, 2015

The southwest monsoon over Peninsular Malaysia will end soon in early october as the atmospheric pressure over continental Asia is expected to increase over the next couple of weeks due to the radiational cooling and the subsiding cooling airmass ober Siberia caused by the sun moving southwards in the southern hemisphere relative to the earth's surface.In the next few weeks atmospheric pressure over some parts continental Asia could exceed 1040 hPa on some days.

Updated: 1:06 PM GMT on September 28, 2015

Haze in Kuala Lumpur

By: 0122855600, 3:21 PM GMT on September 27, 2015

Haze shrouded Kuala Lumpur yesterday and today and is due to southwesterly/southerly/southeasterly winds blowing the haze in from Sumatra.
There is a forecast of air pollution available at http://aqicn.org/forecast/asia/.This is a forecast of PM2.5 which together with PM10 are the most dominant pollutants during periods of haze.
The latest API readings can be obtained from the DOE(Department of Environment) website and the concentration of PM10 for several sta...

Map of yesterday's(19 September 2015) hot weather in the Klang Valley

By: 0122855600, 5:45 PM GMT on September 20, 2015

A map from the Malaysian Meteorological Department of the maximum temperatures over Peninsular Malaysia yesterday(19 September 2015).The hot weather around the Klang Valley yesterday is evident in the map.

Updated: 5:52 PM GMT on September 20, 2015

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