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Two thunderstorms today

By: 0122855600, 9:52 AM GMT on April 27, 2011

There have been two thunderstorms today in Kuala Lumpur!
There is one now.


featured location

By: 0122855600, 1:50 AM GMT on April 23, 2011

Hello,today i am going to give you a featured location for each continent and their weather.I will also put in Malaysia and Hawaii.

Featured locations

1.Asia-tokyo(rainy and gloomy)

2.Asia-Malaysia-Cameron highlands(cloudy)

3.Australia-Sydney(rainy and gloomy)


5.North America-San Francisco,California(mostly cloudy)

6.North America-Hawaii-Honolulu(mostly sunny and warm)

7.Antartica_Vostok(cold BRRR!)


Advise for you

By: 0122855600, 9:22 AM GMT on April 21, 2011

There is alot of severe weather going on around the world right now.So,you may want to check with your government weather service for severe weather alerts and advisories.

There are also other places where you could get this.I know four,they are Weather Underground(US,Canada and European countries only),The weather channel(US only),The weather network(Canada only)and my forecast powered by custom weather(worldwide).Even though i still recommend you check with your government weather service.One example of a government weather service is the Malaysia Meteorological Department.

Be sure to stay safe.



Hot and humid weather continues.

By: 0122855600, 5:07 AM GMT on April 21, 2011

Hot and humid weather continues in Kuala Lumpur.I don't know whether you have looked at the Kuala Lumpur 5 day forecast but it says there will be thunderstorms through the forecast period.


Heavy thunderstorm

By: 0122855600, 9:22 AM GMT on April 20, 2011

There is alot of thunder out there.So if you are in Kuala Lumpur stay indoors.



By: 0122855600, 12:14 AM GMT on April 19, 2011

I saw a cumulonimbus cloud 10 minutes ago.It was towards the west of Kuala Lumpur.When i looked at the radar it said there was some precipitation/rain west of kuala lumpur.Rain forecasted today.



By: 0122855600, 2:20 AM GMT on April 16, 2011

more bad weather in Kuala Lumpur .Puddles already in the house yesterday!And now there is a thunderstorm.

Updated: 2:22 AM GMT on April 16, 2011


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I live in Kuala Lumpur.Even though the weather is not to extreme here in Kuala Lumpur I am still intrested in the weather.

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