Andrews, TX
on Thursday, August 23, 2012

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Daily Summary
 ActualAverage (KMAF)Record (KMAF)
Mean Temperature °F °F  
Max Temperature 92°F 90°F 106°F (1977)
Min Temperature 70°F 67°F 61°F (1961)
Cooling Degree Days 16    
Growing Degree Days31 (Base °F )  
Dew Point 60°F   
Average Humidity    
Maximum Humidity 86    
Minimum Humidity 30    
Precipitation 0.02 in in in ()
Wind Speed 10 mph   
Max Wind Speed 18 mph   
Max Gust Speed 26 mph   
Visibility 10.0 miles   
Events Rain , Thunderstorm   
Averages and records for this station are not official NWS values.
Key: T is trace of precipitation, MM is missing value
Source: Averaged Metar Reports
Sunrise:07:19 AM (CDT)
Sunset:08:24 PM (CDT)
Moon Rise:01:42 PM (CDT)
Moon Set:No Moon Set 
Moon Phase
Aug. 23 Aug. 24 Aug. 31 Sep. 08 Sep. 16

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