Flood Warning
Statement as of 8:25 PM CDT on April 28, 2017

The Flood Warning continues for
the Mississippi River at Vicksburg
* from Tuesday may 09 to Saturday may 20.
* At 7:00 PM Friday the stage was 32.9 feet.
* Minor flooding is forecast.
* Flood stage is 43.0 feet.
* Forecast... the river will rise above flood stage Tuesday may 09 and
will continue to rise to near 44.5 feet Tuesday may 16.
* Flood history... this crest compares to a previous crest of 43.3 feet
on Mar 18 2016.
* Impact... at 44.6 feet... residence on Williams street in Vicksburg
begins to flood.
* Impact... at 44.0 feet... Ford and Kings subdivision at Pittman Road
and mary's alley begins to flood.
* Impact... at 43.5 feet... Long Lake subdivision is completely flooded.
Vicksburg floodwall gates at train depot and the lumber yard gate 8
are closed.
* Impact... at 43.0 feet... Jackson Lane in north Vicksburg begins to
* Impact... at 42.0 feet... bunge grain facility near St. Joseph
Louisiana ceases loading operations. Chickasaw Road is going under
water just west of Chickasaw community.
* Impact... at 41.5 feet... water reaches the slab of the first
structure in the Chickasaw bayou subdivision.
* Impact... at 41.2 feet... Long Lake Road is under water starting where
the low Road to the island takes off south. Access to Long Lake
community requires a boat. Chickasaw Road GOES under water just
west of the Chickasaw community.
* Impact... at 41.0 feet... the storm water drain valves are closed at
the flood gates along the Vicksburg water front.
* Impact... at 40.5 feet... Shady Lane drive becomes impassable. Long
Lake Road becomes impassable just north of Cypress drive.
* Impact... at 39.5 feet... the Long Lake Road to Eagle Lake Road
becomes impassable about 1 mile north of the Long Lake community.
* Impact... at 38.8 feet... the Vicksburg floodwall gate at Crawford
street is closed.
* Impact... at 36.5 feet... water begins to affect the Long Lake
community. The low Road to Kings Island becomes impassable.
* Impact... at 35.0 feet... several thousand acres of farm,
agricultural, and bottom land flood. In the Yazoo backwater area
north of the city, hunting camps and forested land begin to flood.

              Flood observed forecast 6 am crest
location stg stg day time Sat sun Mon crest time date

Lower Mississippi River
Vicksburg 43 32.9 Fri 07 PM 33.5 34.5 35.4 44.5 07 am 05/16

Lat... Lon 3193 9129 3227 9105 3277 9123 3278 9101
      3226 9086 3187 9114

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