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Statement as of 9:01 am EDT on September 2, 2014

...Summer 2014 was only slightly cooler than normal...

Looking back at the 3 months of June...July...and August as a whole...the average 3 month temperature was only slightly cooler than normal. Matter of fact...at Beckley and Elkins...the Summer temperature was near normal.

Here are a few specific 3 month average temperatures for the Summer...

Charleston was 73.3 degrees...or 0.6 degrees cooler than normal.

Huntington was 72.6 degrees...or 1.6 degrees cooler than normal.

Beckley had 69.2 degrees...just 0.1 cooler than normal.

Elkins had 68.4 degrees...also just 0.1 cooler than normal.

The lack of extreme heat...lead to the perception that the Summer was much cooler than normal. That was not the case.