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Public Information Statement
Statement as of 8:14 am CDT on July 1, 2015

... June in La Crosse Wisconsin was slightly below normal
precipitation and slightly above normal temperatures...

The average June temperature at La Crosse was 69.9 degrees... which
was seven tenths of a degree above normal. The average high was 79.9
degrees and the average low was 59.9 degrees. The highest
temperature for the month was 96 degrees... which occurred on the
9th. The coldest temperature for the month was 42 degrees... which
occurred on the 1st.

The total precipitation for June was 3.70 inches... which was -0.64
inches below normal. The greatest 24-hour precipitation amount was
1.48 inches... which occurred from the 11th to the 12th.

... Records...

At 454 PM on June 9th the temperature at the La Crosse Airport
reached 96 degrees. This breaks the old record for this date set way
back in 1911.

... Discussion...

In the month of June... La Crosse was slightly above normal for
temperature. The coldest period occurred from the 26th through the
30th... where the average daily temperature was 1 to 4 degrees below
normal. The warmest stretch occurred from the 3rd through the
10th... where the daily average temperature ranged from 1 to 13
degrees above normal. There was 1 day the temperature climbed at or
above 90 degrees. Last year... there were 4 days the temperature rose
at or above 90 degrees.

La Crosse was slightly dryer than normal during the month of June.
The wettest period occurred from the 11th through the 13th... where
1.52 inches of precipitation fell. There were 11 days of measurable
precipitation during the month. Of those 11 days... there was 1 day
where one inch or more of precipitation fell. There were 19 days
during the month where zero precipitation was observed.

Looking at this past month... there were two significant days with
severe weather. On June 22nd... a system of strong thunderstorms
moved through in the early morning from the west. The areas where
the storms were most prevalent were across northeast Iowa and into
southern Wisconsin. The storms caused straight line wind damage and
there were 3 confirmed tornadoes. In addition... there was flooding
that occurred when 2 to 5 inches of rain fell in a short period of
time. The La Crosse Airport received 0.71 inches of rain.

The next event was on June 29th. A system of storms moved through in
the early afternoon into the evening. As thunderstorms moved
south... the biggest impact was the hail produced. There were gusty
winds associated with a few of the storms... reaching 40 to 45 mph.
In addition... heavy rain led to localized rural flooding. Hail
reports ranged from 0.25 inches to 1.75 inches in diameter. The
highest rainfall amounts were a little over 2 inches in southern
Wisconsin. The La Crosse Airport received 0.49 inches of rain.

... Looking ahead to July...

The average temperature for the month of July is 71.0 degrees. The
average high temperature is 81.0 degrees and the average low
temperature is 60.9 degrees. La Crosse normally receives 6 days
where the temperature rises at or above 90 degrees. The highest
temperature in the month of July is 108 degrees which occurred on
the 13th in 1995 and on the 14th in 1936.

The average precipitation during the month of July is 5.00 inches
with 10 days of measurable precipitation. There are normally 7 days
with thunderstorms during the month of July in La Crosse. The
greatest one day precipitation total was 5.24 inches which occurred
on the 27th in 1987.