Weather for Newport News Williamsburg International VA US

Place Alerts Temp. Conditions Humidity Pressure Wind Updated
Newport, Arkansas 1High Wind Advisory 47 °F Clear 41% 30.00 in (Steady) WNW at 13 mph 11:56 PM CST
Newport, Delaware 1Flood Watch / Flood Statement 38 °F Clear 57% 29.81 in (Falling) North at 13 mph 12:51 AM EST
Newport, Indiana 1Special Weather Statement 35.6 °F Overcast 82% 29.78 in (Falling) SW at 3.8 mph 1:21 AM EST
Newport, Kentucky 0 42 °F Overcast 53% 29.77 in (Falling) South at 7 mph 12:53 AM EST
Newport, Maine 1Winter Weather Statement 10.6 °F Clear 86% 30.24 in (Falling) NE at 4.0 mph 1:24 AM EST
Newport, Michigan 0 41.5 °F Mostly Cloudy 74% 29.68 in (Falling) WSW at 4.7 mph 1:24 AM EST
Newport, Minnesota 1Winter Weather Statement 1Public Information Statement 18.0 °F Light Snow 50% 29.77 in (Steady) NNE at 2.5 mph 12:24 AM CST
Newport, Mississippi 0 47.8 °F Mostly Cloudy 60% 29.95 in (Falling) Calm 12:23 AM CST
Newport, Nebraska 1Local Storm Report 1Public Information Statement 32 °F Clear 55% 30.16 in (Falling) NW at 31 mph 12:15 AM CST
Newport, New Hampshire 1Winter Weather Statement 1Public Information Statement 28.9 °F Mostly Cloudy 76% 30.06 in (Falling) ENE at 4.0 mph 1:20 AM EST
Newport, New Jersey 1Flood Watch / Flood Statement 39.5 °F Overcast 75% 29.75 in (Falling) WSW at 8.0 mph 1:23 AM EST
Newport, New York 0 28.8 °F Clear 82% 29.94 in (Falling) South at 1.0 mph 1:12 AM EST
Newport, North Carolina 1Flood Warning 1High Wind Advisory 1Local Storm Report 1Public Information Statement 40 °F Mostly Cloudy 65% 29.67 in (Rising) NW at 25 mph 12:54 AM EST
Newport, Ohio 0 29.8 °F Clear 90% 29.84 in (Falling) Calm 1:24 AM EST
Newport, Oregon 0 59.4 °F Clear 69% 30.37 in (Steady) WSW at 2.0 mph 10:24 PM PST
Newport, Pennsylvania 0 25.0 °F Clear 73% 29.87 in (Falling) Calm 1:24 AM EST
Newport, Rhode Island 1Winter Weather Statement 37 °F Clear 79% 29.88 in (Falling) NE at 16 mph 12:53 AM EST
Newport, Tennessee 1Winter Weather Statement 1Special Weather Statement 39 °F Partly Cloudy 53% 29.91 in (Falling) SW at 9 mph 12:53 AM EST
Newport, Texas 1High Wind Advisory 1Fire Weather Advisory 43 °F Clear 53% 30.32 in (Falling) NW at 13 mph 11:55 PM CST
Newport, United Kingdom 1								An area of very strong winds is likely to extend east across southwest England and parts of central southern England on Monday morning.  Gusts of 60-70 mph are likely widely, with 80 mph gusts in exposed coastal areas, particularly Cornwall and North Devon, and also through the Bristol Channel. Some very large waves are also likely to affect many coasts, in particular north coasts of Cornwall and Devon. Winds should gradually ease through the afternoon and evening.Please be prepared for disruption to travel as well as possible damage to trees and structures, and interruption of power supplies.This is an update to the warning to extend the amber area to cover more of the Bristol Channel, including Cardiff and Bristol, and also English Channel coasts of Sussex and Kent. 46.4 °F Scattered Clouds 69% 29.12 in SW at 8.3 mph 6:23 AM GMT
Newport, Vermont 0 16 °F Scattered Clouds 69% 30.05 in (Steady) North at 6 mph 1:15 AM EST
Newport, Virginia 1Winter Weather Statement 21.9 °F Clear 92% 29.84 in (Rising) Calm 1:20 AM EST
Newport, Washington 0 33 °F Partly Cloudy 82% 30.72 in (Steady) NNW at 6 mph 9:53 PM PST

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