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Flood Warning
Statement as of 10:08 AM CDT on May 24, 2015

The Flood Warning continues for the Nueces River near Tilden.
* Until further notice... or until the warning is cancelled.
* At 9:30 am Sunday the stage was 18.2 feet.
* Moderate flooding is occurring and major flooding is forecast.
* Flood stage is 14.0 feet.
* Forecast: the river will continue rising to near 20.6 feet by
Friday morning. Additional rises may be possible thereafter.
* At 20.0 feet major flooding below Cotulla to below Tilden occurs,
and cuts off extensive portions of the flood plain, requiring
wholesale evacuation of livestock from the area. Roads and bridges
near the river flood severely. Hunting Cabins, pump Jacks, Tank
batteries, irrigation pumps and any equipment in low areas near the
river flood.

Below are the latest river stages and stage forecasts:

                      fld latest forecast 6 am lst
location stg stg day time Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri

Nueces River
Tilden 14 18.2 sun 09 am 18.1 18.0 18.1 19.3 20.6

Lat... Lon 2817 9880 2836 9859 2845 9833 2833 9833
      2826 9854 2807 9880

943 am CDT sun may 24 2015

The National Weather Service in Corpus Christi has issued a

* Flood Warning for the San Miguel Creek near Tilden.
* From Monday afternoon to Wednesday morning... or until the warning
is cancelled.
* At 9:15 am Sunday the stage was 3.0 feet.
* Major flooding is forecast.
* Flood stage is 21.0 feet.
* Forecast: rise above flood stage by Monday afternoon and continue
to rise to near 26.4 feet by Tuesday morning. The river will fall
below flood stage by Wednesday morning.
* At 26.0 feet major lowland flooding occurs, with the flow one third
of a mile wide. This damages crops and cuts off cattle in pastures
above Hindes to choke Canyon Reservoir. Numerous secondary and
primary roads and low bridges flood and are dangerous to drive

Below are the latest river stages and stage forecasts:

                      fld latest forecast 6 am lst
location stg stg day time Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri

San Miguel Creek
Tilden 21 3.0 sun 09 am 13.0 26.4 18.1 4.4 4.0

Lat... Lon 2864 9866 2864 9851 2851 9842 2848 9850

Public Information Statement
Statement as of 1:11 PM CDT on May 24, 2015

... NWS damage survey for 05/24/15 tornado event...

.EF-1 tornado confirmed in Corpus Christi...

Rating: EF-1
estimated peak wind: 90 mph
path length /statute/ 2.5 miles
path width /maximum/: 100 yards
fatalities: 0 injuries: 0

Start date: may_24_2015
start time: 1:27 am CDT
start location: 3.5 W Corpus Christi / Nueces / TX
start lat/lon: 27.751/-97.430

End date: may_24_2015
end time: 1:30 am CDT
end location: 1 WNW Corpus Christi / Nueces / TX
end_lat/lon: 27.783/-97.409

A damage assesment team consisting of city of Corpus Christi emergency
management and the NWS have completed a survey of storm damage that
occurred during the early morning hours today... may 24th 2015.
It was determined that the damage was caused by an EF-1 tornado with
maximum winds around 90 mph.

Damage... consisting of snapped and uprooted trees... was first noted near
Cunningham Middle School just north of golihar Rd. A residence just north
of the school at the corner of Hudson and Stafford streets sustained moderate
roof damage and had a fence blown down. The tornado continued to the
northeast crossing Horne Rd and paralleling Sarita street just to the east.
Dozens of trees were snapped and uprooted with many falling on homes or
vehicles. Several residences also suffered roof and siding damage in this

Further northeast the tornado hit a grocery store on Tarlton St destroying
it's sign and blowing several windows out. Tree and minor roof damage then
continued on to the northeast as the tornado crossed Baldwin and Morgan
avenues. The last evidence of damage was at 16th St and Crosstown where a
Nursery sustained damage and a baseball dugout was destroyed.

All times in this report were estimated by radar.

The National Weather Service would like to thank billy Delgado from the
office of emergency management for his assistance in providing this
damage survey.

the information in this statement is preliminary and subject to
change pending final review of the event and publication in
NWS storm data.

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