San Jacinto Severe Watches & Warnings NOAA Weather Radio

Public Information Statement
Statement as of 4:25 am CDT on October 9, 2015

... Bay City NOAA all hazards radio out of service...

The Bay City NOAA Weather Radio which broadcasts on a frequency
of 162.425 mhz... call sign wwg 40... is off the air. No date or
time has been estimated for when it may return to service.

Other NOAA weather radios that may have partial overlapping
coverage include New Taiton to the northwest on a frequency of at
162.450 mhz... call sign kjy 78... and Port Oconnor to the
southwest on a frequency 162.475 mhz... call sign wxl 26... and
Fort Bend to the northeast on a frequency of 162.475 mhz... call
sign wz2572.

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