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Public Information Statement
Statement as of 7:00 am EDT on May 30, 2015

... National hurricane preparedness week ends today...

Today is the last day of National hurricane preparedness week. We will
provide some actions that should be taken before and during a hurricane.

If your area is under a Hurricane Warning... closely monitor radio...
television... or NOAA Weather Radio for official bulletins. All
preparedness actions should be rushed to completion. Follow
instructions from local officials and leave immediately if told to
do so.

When evacuating... leave early... in daylight if possible. Stay with
friends or relatives... at a low-rise hotel or pre-designated public
shelter outside a flood zone. Notify neighbors and family members
outside of the warned area of your evacuation plans. Bring along
important papers such as insurance policies.

If you choose not to evacuate... be sure you are not at risk from
flooding. Stay inside a well-constructed building but plan what you
will do if your building suffers structural failure.

Turn your refrigerator to maximum cold and open only as necessary.
Also... unplug small appliances and turn off utilities if told to do
so by authorities

Fill the Bath tub and large containers with water for sanitary purposes.

During the storm... stay away from windows and doors... even if they are
covered. Close all interior doors and secure and brace external
doors. Take Refuge on the lowest level of the building in a small
interior room... closet... or hallway. If you are in a multiple-story
building and away from the water... go to the first or second floor
and take Refuge in the Halls or other interior rooms away from the

Be alert for the calm center... or eye... of the storm. After the eye
passes your location the winds will change direction and quickly
return to hurricane strength.

For additional information on hurricanes visit the following websites...

National Hurricane Center... www.Hurricanes.Gov

National Weather Service Charleston... www.Weather.Gov/chs/tropical

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