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Record Report
Statement as of 06:31 PM EDT on July 28, 2014

...Record cold high temperature tied at Pittsburgh PA...

a record cold high temperature of 72 degrees was tied at Pittsburgh PA today. The record was set in 1875.

Public Information Statement
Statement as of 6:09 PM EDT on July 28, 2014

...Microburst confirmed near New Martinsville in Wetzel County West Virginia...

Location...New Martinsville in Wetzel County West Virginia date...27 July 2014 estimated time...450 PM EDT estimated maximum wind speed...80 mph beginning lat/Lon...39.686n / 80.875w ending lat/Lon...39.683n / 80.849w * fatalities...0 * injuries...0

* the information in this statement is preliminary and subject to change pending final review of the event and publication in NWS storm data. This conclusion may be modified if video evidence to the contrary becomes available.

...Summary... the National Weather Service in Pittsburgh PA has confirmed a microburst /straight line wind damage/ near New Martinsville in Wetzel County West Virginia on 27 July 2014.

Modest tree damage began in Monroe County Ohio northwest of New Martinsville West Virginia. Damage then fanned out as the storm progressed eastward through northern sections of New Martinsville.

Significant damage along 3rd street was bounded by Northgate drive to the north and rosary Road to the south. Two areas of focused damage were noted. Near Greenlawn Memorial Park...many trees were uprooted or snapped and homes suffered threshold damage to fascia...siding and capping shingles. Farther north...a cinder block building appeared to suffer a garage door failure...which enabled the roof to be lifted off a portion of the building. Also in this northern section...a west-facing porch roof collapsed as the wind blew the support beams out. In both debris areas... Mobile homes suffered damage from falling trees. One Mobile home was completely shifted off its foundation as a tree fell and its large root Ball beneath the home was unearthed.

Several residents described a sudden shift in wind direction in the midst of the event...as well as large hail of at least half- dollar size. However...the expanding fanned pattern of the debris field showed no clear indication of convergence or rotation. Thus... the high-end EF0 damage was concluded to have been caused most likely by a microburst. This conclusion is supported by radar data...given the descent of a very high-reflectivity core where damage was first detected in Monroe County.

Microbursts occur as cold air aloft in a thunderstorm descends quickly toward the ground and accelerates. Wind speeds in a microburst can be at least as strong as some tornadoes and can cause comparable damage over a potentially large area.

This information can also be found on our website at weather.Gov/Pittsburgh.