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Public Information Statement
Statement as of 6:00 am EDT on May 29, 2015

... National hurricane preparedness week is from may 24 to may 30...

Please join the National Weather Service forecast office in Upton
New York in observing National hurricane preparedness week.

Todays topic covers preparing for tropical cyclone impacts including
get a plan.

Preventing the loss of life and minimizing the damage to property
from hurricanes are responsibilities that are shared by all. Over
the past week... you have Learned about specific hazards that
accompany tropical cyclones. The most important thing you can do is
to be informed and prepared. Disaster prevention should include each
of the following five steps.

Develop a family plan. Your plan should be based on your particular
vulnerability to each of the tropical cyclone hazards. This plan
should be put in writing and shared with other friends and family.

Create a disaster supply kit. There will be certain items that you
will need to have regardless of where you ride out a hurricane. This
kit will be useful when you evacuate as well as making you as safe
as possible in your home.

Have a place to go. For residents who live along coastal
communities... find out today if you are in an evacuation zone.
Remember that if an evacuation order is given that roadways will
become congested... and that inland motels and hotels may fill up
quickly. Be sure to have a full tank of gas before departing.

Secure your home. It is important to strengthen the exterior of your
house so wind and debris do not tear large openings in it.

Finally... remember your pets. A tropical cyclone will pose similar
mental and physical stresses on pets as those felt by their human
companions. Most shelters do not accept pets. This needs to be
incorporated in your family plan.

Be prepared this hurricane season... and visit hurricanes.Gov and