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Public Information Statement
Statement as of 6:00 am EDT on May 30, 2015

... National hurricane preparedness week is from may 24 to may 30...

Please join the National Weather Service forecast office in Upton
New York in observing National hurricane preparedness week.

Todays topic covers the actions you should take to be safe.

Now that you have Learned about hurricane hazards... and have thought
about what it means to you... your home and your family... the only
thing left to do is to take action when the time comes.

When a Hurricane Watch is issued... you should check your disaster
supply kit. Make sure that nothing is missing. Determine if there is
anything that you need to supplement your kit. It is also a good
idea to replace or replenish your supply of water. Now is the time
to activate your family disaster plan. Protective measures should be
initiated... especially those actions that require extra time... such
as securing a boat or leaving a barrier island.

When a Hurricane Warning is issued... you should ready your disaster
supply kit for use. If you need to evacuate... you will need to bring
your supply kit with you. At this time your family should be in the
process of completing protective actions and deciding the safest
location to be during the storm.

Finally... one last piece of advice is to remain alert at all times
during hurricane season. Monitor the latest forecasts... and take
note of any storm that is located north of latitude 20 degrees and
west of longitude 60 degrees west. The graphical tropical weather
outlook located at hurricanes.Gov is excellent way to remain
situationally aware. This will help you from being caught off guard
from a quick moving storm. We live in a densely populated area of
the country. As a storm approaches... stores will likely run low on
supplies... and traffic will increase travel times.

We would like to thank you for taking the time to learn about
hurricanes... The Hazards they pose... and what you can do to prepare
ahead of time. With this information you and your family have taken
important steps toward progressing through hurricane season as
safely as possible.

Be prepared this hurricane season... and visit hurricanes.Gov and