Weather for Wells Municipal Harriet NV US

Place Alerts Temp. Conditions Humidity Pressure Wind Updated
Wells, Kansas 0 24 °F Clear 84% 30.37 in (Rising) SW at 5 mph 7:53 AM CST
Wells, Maine 1Local Storm Report 1Public Information Statement 21 °F Clear 74% 30.33 in (Rising) SW at 10 mph 9:15 AM EST
Wells, Michigan 0 25.9 °F Overcast 59% 30.10 in (Rising) Calm 9:25 AM EST
Wells, Minnesota 1Winter Weather Statement 25.5 °F Freezing Fog 41% 30.14 in (Steady) Calm 8:25 AM CST
Wells, Missouri 0 29 °F Clear 67% 30.33 in (Rising) South at 5 mph 7:52 AM CST
Wells, Nebraska 0 21 °F Clear 74% 30.21 in (Falling) WSW at 7 mph 8:15 AM CST
Wells, Nevada 1Public Information Statement 7 °F Scattered Clouds 80% 30.52 in (Rising) ENE at 7 mph 6:14 AM PST
Wells, New York 1Public Information Statement 25.4 °F Mostly Cloudy 79% 30.35 in (Steady) SSE at 1.0 mph 9:17 AM EST
Wells, Texas 0 39.0 °F Overcast 97% 30.30 in (Rising) Calm 8:18 AM CST
Wells, United Kingdom 1								Southerly winds with strengthen this morning across southern and then many eastern and central parts of England with gales developing, which are likely to be severe at times along English Channel coasts. Winds should steadily decrease from the west this evening. Please be aware of possible disruption to travel. 1								A spell of persistent and often heavy rain, accompanied by windy conditions, is expected to affect parts of southwest England through today.As this rain will be falling on near saturated ground, please be prepared for the risk of localised flooding and some disruption to travel. 50 °F Rain 87% 29.15 in South at 25 mph 2:20 PM GMT
Wells, Vermont 0 28.4 °F Overcast 58% 30.28 in (Falling) SSE at 2.0 mph 9:25 AM EST
Wells, Virginia 0 35.8 °F Clear 92% 30.49 in (Steady) Calm 9:22 AM EST

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Tornado Warning Tornado Warning
Tornado Watch Tornado Watch
Severe Thunderstorm Warning Severe Thunderstorm Warning
Severe Thunderstorm Watch Severe Thunderstorm Watch
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