Weather for Wells Municipal Harriet NV US

Place Alerts Temp. Conditions Humidity Pressure Wind Updated
Wells, Kansas 0 63.4 °F Clear 91% 30.04 in (Rising) ENE at 1.0 mph 10:13 PM CDT
Wells, Maine 0 64 °F Clear 73% 30.08 in (Steady) Calm 10:55 PM EDT
Wells, Michigan 0 61.9 °F Clear 60% 30.03 in (Falling) Calm 11:13 PM EDT
Wells, Minnesota 0 62.4 °F Mist 37% 30.05 in (Rising) Calm 10:13 PM CDT
Wells, Missouri 0 74 °F Clear 79% 29.99 in (Rising) ESE at 6 mph 9:52 PM CDT
Wells, Nebraska 0 64 °F Clear 86% 30.07 in (Falling) SE at 7 mph 9:55 PM CDT
Wells, Nevada 0 78 °F Clear 19% 29.77 in (Rising) Variable at 4 mph 7:56 PM PDT
Wells, New York 0 59.2 °F Clear 90% 30.08 in (Steady) Calm 11:13 PM EDT
Wells, Texas 0 80.7 °F Clear 58% 30.00 in (Steady) Calm 10:04 PM CDT
Wells, United Kingdom 1								Although not all areas will be affected, thundery showers or areas of heavy rain are likely to affect some southern and eastern parts of England late on Saturday evening and on Sunday. The main focus for thundery downpours looks limited to the southeast corner of England overnight but then becomes rather more widespread during Sunday afternoon and evening. Lightning may be an additional hazard.The public should be aware of the risk of localised impacts from heavy rain and flooding, which may affect travel and some outdoor events 58.6 °F Clear 90% 30.06 in Calm 4:13 AM BST
Wells, Vermont 0 69.3 °F Clear 74% 30.11 in (Rising) Calm 11:13 PM EDT
Wells, Virginia 0 67 °F Clear 84% 30.15 in (Steady) Calm 10:54 PM EDT

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