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Record Report
Statement as of 2:25 am PST on March 1, 2015

... Warmest February and warmest winter on record for Las Vegas...

While many areas in the east had a frigid February this was not the
case for Las Vegas which set a record for the warmest February ever
dating back to 1937. The average temperature this past month was
60.0 degrees. This broke the old record of 58.7 degrees set in 1995.
The normal average February temperature was 52.9 degrees.

The warm February weather in Las Vegas was a combination of very
high and low temperatures. The average high was 70.8 degrees which
broke the previous warmest average high for February of 70.7 set in
1995. There were an incredible 19 days with a high of 70 degrees or
greater. The normal is 6 such days and the previous record was 17
such days set in 1947 and tied in 1995. The average February low
temperature was 49.3 degrees which broke the previous record of 46.6
set in 1995.

It was not just February that was warm. For meteorological winter,
which consists of the period from December 1st through February
28th, the average temperature was 54.5 degrees. This broke the old
record for the warmest meteorological winter on record of 52.3
degrees set just a year ago in the winter of 2013-2014. The normal
average temperature for meteorological winter was 49.7 degrees. The
average high was 63.5 degrees which ranked as the 5th warmest for
this period. However, the average low was 45.5 degrees which broke
the record of 43.2 degrees. The normal average low for
meteorological winter is 38.5 degrees. There were 22 days with a
high of 70 degrees or greater this past meteorological winter which
ranks 2nd only to the 25 days in the winter of 1946-1947.

The above information is preliminary and is subject to a final
review before being certified by the National climatic data center.