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Public Information Statement
Statement as of 7:05 am CDT on April 23, 2014

...Severe weather awareness week in Minnesota and Wisconsin...

This is severe weather awareness week in Minnesota and Wisconsin.

A tornado drill will be held tomorrow...Thursday April 24th. In will be held at 1:45 PM and 6:55 PM while in Wisconsin it will just be at 1:45 PM.

The topic today is tornadoes.

A tornado is defined as a violently rotating column in contact with the ground. You may not always see a condensation funnel all the way to the ground...especially in smaller tornadoes. When rotation remains aloft...that is defined as a funnel cloud.

Minnesota averages 37 tornadoes a year but had 15 in 2013. Wisconsin averages 23 tornado a year but had 16 in 2003. Most tornadoes occur in may and June...but can occur in nearly any other time of year if conditions are right. Most tornadoes also occur between 3 and 9 PM.

When you spot a tornado...or hear a warning for your area...take shelter immediately. Get into a basement and under something sturdy. If a basement is not available...move to the lowest level and smaller interior rooms or bathrooms or closets. Put as many walls between you and storm as possible. Avoid larger spanned rooms and windows.