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Public Information Statement
Statement as of 1:13 PM EDT on May 29, 2015

... Microburst /straight line wind damage/ confirmed
in Conway in Franklin County...

Location... Conway in Franklin County MA
date... may 27 2015
estimated time... 626 PM EDT
estimated maximum wind speed... 80 mph
maximum path width... 200 yards
path length... 0.5 miles
beginning lat/Lon... 42.58n / 72.72w
ending lat/Lon... 42.58n / 72.71w
* fatalities... 0
* injuries... 0

* the information in this statement is preliminary and subject to
change pending final review of the event(s) and publication in
NWS storm data.

... Summary...

Based on an assessment of radar imagery... damage photos... and
media reports... the National Weather Service in Taunton has
determined that a microburst occurred in the northern portion of
the town of Conway Massachusetts. The most intense damage...
with estimated wind speeds of 80 mph... occurred in a very short
path about one-half mile in length in the vicinity of bent nail
Road... just south of the Deerfield river. Several large trees were
snapped mid-way up. A small shed was destroyed and there was minor
damage to a home. This occurred between 626 and 627 PM Wednesday
evening. No injuries were reported.

Downed trees and wires also were reported farther to the
northeast of this area in Shelburne. Wind speeds were likely
closer to 60 mph in those areas.

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For reference...
a microburst is a convective downdraft with an affected outflow
area of less than 2 1/2 miles wide and peak winds lasting less
than 5 minutes. Microbursts may induce dangerous horizontal/vertical
wind shears... which can adversely affect aircraft performance and
cause property damage. Straight-line winds are generally any wind
that is not associated with rotation... used mainly to differentiate
them from tornadic winds.

In this case... radar did indicate some weak rotation aloft in the
vicinity of northern Conway. There is a low probability that there
could have been a very weak tornado embedded within the
microburst... but there is not enough evidence for this to be