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Public Information Statement
Statement as of 9:40 am EDT on September 23, 2014

...Public notification of change in forecast area responsibilities for Cheshire and Hillsborough counties in NH...

Service change notice 14-48 National Weather Service Headquarters Washington DC

To: subscribers: -family of services -NOAA weather wire service -emergency managers weather information network -noaaport other NWS partners, users and employees

From: Eli jacks chief, fire and public weather services branch ernie Wells acting chief, Hydro services branch

Subject: service Transfer of Cheshire and Hillsborough counties to the Gray, Maine, NWS weather forecast office, effective December 3, 2014

Effective Wednesday, December 3, 2014, at 800 am eastern Standard time (est), 1300 coordinated Universal time (utc), NWS will Transfer all warning and forecast responsibility for Cheshire and Hillsborough counties, NH, to the NWS weather forecast office (wfo) in Gray, ME, (gyx), from WFO Taunton, MA (box). This Transfer will enable more efficient service.

Partners and users must take appropriate action to receive the products listed in the tables below using the new communication headers shown below. This list of products is not exhaustive. Other products that contain Universal generic coding may also be affected.

Table 1: counties to be transferred to WFO gyx from WFO box

County name ugc County (c) code ugc zone (z) code ----------- ------------------- ----------------- Cheshire nhc005 nhz011

Western and central Hillsborough nhc011 nhz015

Eastern Hillsborough nhc011 nhz012

Table 2: short-fused warning products (ugc)

Product WMO heading AWIPS ID ------- ----------- -------- Tornado Warning (new) wfus51 kgyx torgyx *(old) wfus51 kbox torbox*

Severe thunder- (new) wuus51 kgyx svrgyx Storm Warning *(old) wuus51 kbox svrbox*

Flash flood (new) wgus51 kgyx ffwgyx warning *(old) wgus51 kbox ffwbox*

Severe weather (new) wwus51 kgyx svsgyx statement *(old) wwus51 kbox svsbox*

Flash flood (new) wgus71 kgyx ffsgyx statement *(old) wgus71 kbox ffsbox*

Civil emergency (new) wous41 kgyx cemgyx message *(old) wous41 kbox cembox*

Table 3: long-fused products and products related to short-fused products listed in table 2 (ugc)

Product WMO heading AWIPS ID ------- ----------- -------- zone forecast (new) fpus51 kgyx zfpgyx product *(old) fpus51 kbox zfpbox*

Flash flood (new) wgus61 kgyx ffagyx watch *(old) wgus61 kbox ffabox*

Non-precipitation (new) wwus71 kgyx npwgyx watch/warning/ *(old) wwus41 kbox npwbox* advisory

Special weather (new) wwus81 kgyx spsgyx statement *(old) wwus81 kbox spsbox*

Public (new) nous41 kgyx pnsgyx information *(old) nous41 kbox pnsbox* statement

Local storm (new) nwus51 kgyx lsrgyx report *(old) nwus51 kbox lsrbox*

Hydrologic service area (hsa) responsibilities for the river forecast locations in the affected counties also will change. NWS will Transfer the responsibility for issuing river statements/summaries and flood watches/warnings/statements from WFO box to WFO gyx:

On the Connecticut River, for North Walpole (wlpn3) on the souhegan river, for Merrimack (sohn3) on the Merrimack River, for Goffs Falls (gofn3) and Nashua (nshn3) on the Contoocook River, for Petersborough (ptrn3). On the Piscataquog River, for Goffstown (gffn3).

Table 4: river products issued for the above mentioned locations

Product WMO heading AWIPS ID ------- ----------- -------- flood statement (new) wgus81 kgyx flsgyx *(old) wgus81 kbox flsbox*

Flood Warning (new) wgus41 kgyx flwgyx *(old) wgus41 kbox flwbox*

Flood Watch (new) wgus61 kgyx ffagyx *(old) wgus61 kbox ffabox*

River statement (new) fgus81 kgyx rvsgyx *(old) fgus81 kbox rvsbox*

Hydrologic outlook (new) fgus71 kgyx esfgyx *(old) fgus71 kbox esfbox*

River stage (new) fgus51 ktar rvfgyx forecast *(old) fgus51 ktar rvfbox

Hydrologic (new) sxus51 kgyx hydgyx observations *(old) sxus51 kbox hydbox*

Daily river and (new) fgus51 kgyx rvdgyx lake summary *(old) fgus51 kbox rvdbox*

Max/min (new) asus61 kgyx rtpgyx temperature and *(new) asus61 kbox rtpbox* precipitation table

Products marked with an asterisk (*) will continue to be issued by WFO box but will no longer contain warning and forecast information for Cheshire and Hillsborough counties, NH.

Table 5: products issued for the Manchester-Boston regional Airport in Manchester, NH (kmht)

Product WMO heading AWIPS ID ------- ----------- -------- terminal Aerodrome (new) ftus41 kgyx tafmht forecast (old) ftus41 kbox tafmht

Airport weather (new) wwus81 kgyx awwmht warning (old) wwus81 kbox awwmht

In addition, the taf will be remain in the existing taf collectives below, which are transmitted to FAA personnel and other external customers.

WMO headings available to the following customers ___________ _______________________________________

Ftus80 kwbc non-FAA domestic and family of services

Ftus90 kwbc FAA weather message switching center and FAA facilities

Ftus52 kwbc global telecommunication system customers

Holders of NWS procedural instruction 10-813 (terminal Aerodrome forecasts) should make appropriate additions to the appendices.

Updated service area shapefiles are online at:






For more information, please contact:

Robert Thompson hendricus lulofs meteorologist in charge meteorologist in charge NWS Taunton MA 02780 NWS Gray ME 04039 phone: 508-823-1900 phone: 207-688-3221 Robert.Thompson@noaa.Gov hendricus.Lulofs@noaa.Gov

National service change notices are online at: