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Public Information Statement
Statement as of 6:35 PM CDT on September 2, 2014

...NWS damage survey for 09/01/2014 tornado and wind event...

...Two tornadoes touch down in Cowley and Chautauqua counties in Kansas during the evening of September 1st 2014...

Supercell thunderstorms developed across extreme southern Kansas during the evening hours of September 1st 2014. The supercells began over Cowley County Kansas with some areas receiving hail as large as three inches in diameter. A trunk like tornado eventually developed south of Dexter Kansas and tracked east for about 4 miles eventually lifting north of the intersection of Highway 166 and k-15. This tornado did not produce any damage. A second tornado developed about 2 miles southwest of Cedar Vale and tracked southeast for about 8 miles...eventually causing EF1 damage north of Hewins. This tornado eventually lifted near Hewins Kansas but the supercell continued to the southeast and produced damaging straight line winds in Elgin Kansas.

.Tornado #1...

Rating: EF-0 estimated peak wind: 70 mph path length /statute/: 4 miles path width /maximum/: 100 yards fatalities: none injuries: none

Start date: Sep 01 2014 start time: 808 PM CDT start location: 4 miles south of Dexter

End date: Sep 01 2014 end time: 817 PM CDT end location: 6 miles south/southeast of Dexter/Cowley/Kansas

.Tornado #2...

Rating: EF-1 estimated peak wind: 97 mph path length /statute/: 8 miles path width /maximum/: 100 yards fatalities: none injuries: none

Start date: Sep 01 2014 start time: 825 PM CDT start location: 1.5 miles South Cedar Vale/Chautauqua/Kansas

End date: Sep 01 2014 end time: 840 PM CDT end location: 8 miles west/northwest of Elgin/Chautauqua/Kansas lat/lon: 37.0469/-96.4080

*survey summary: tornado #2 was on the ground for around 15 minutes across mainly open country. Damage was sustained to a couple of outbuildings and mile north of Hewins Kansas...or 8 miles west/northwest of Elgin Kansas. The outbuildings had damage to the roof and a few walls were collapsed.

Ef scale: the Enhanced Fujita scale classifies tornadoes into the following categories.

EF0...weak......65 to 85 mph EF1...weak......86 to 110 mph EF2...strong....111 to 135 mph EF3...strong....136 to 165 mph EF4...violent...166 to 200 mph EF5...violent...>200 mph

.Thunderstorm wind damage...

Peak wind estimated: 80-90 mph path length /statute/: 1 mile path width /maximum/: 100-200 yards fatalities: none injuries: none

Start date: Sep 1st 2014 start time: 850 PM CDT start location: Elgin/Chautauqua/Kansas

End date: Sep 1st 2014 end time: 855 PM CDT end location: Elgin/Chautauqua/Kansas

Damaging straight line winds moved across Elgin Kansas with tree damage across town.

Note: the information in this statement is preliminary and subject to change pending final review of the events and publication in NWS storm data.