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Record Report
Statement as of 1:31 am CDT on May 24, 2015

... Record daily maximum rainfall set at Wichita eisenhower

A record daily maximum rainfall of 1.98 inches was set at Wichita
eisenhower National Airport yesterday... may 23rd. This broke the old
record of 1.88 inches set in 1954.

Public Information Statement
Statement as of 6:00 am CDT on May 24, 2015

... On this date in weather history...

In 1990... four tornadoes roared across parts of central
Kansas... of which 2 reached F3 intensity. One massive F3
tornado... possessing a track 26 miles long and three
quarters of a mile wide... tore through Barton... Rice and
Ellsworth counties. Described as a huge black wall... the
tempest injured 6 and derailed 88 cars of a 125 car
freight train... some of which were stacked 3 to 4 cars
high. It caused around $500,000 damage. The second F3
tornado... believed to have touched down multiple
times... produced a path 60 miles long and around one
quarter mile wide across Rice... McPherson and Marion
counties. This tornado also hit a freight
train... derailing 87 of 103 cars. This second tornado
caused nearly $3 million damage in McPherson and Marion
counties alone. In 1962... severe thunderstorms wreaked
havoc over much of central and eastern Kansas.Reno and
Harvey counties were hit by 5 tornadoes of which 3
reached F3 intensity. Three of the tornadoes injured 6
and caused $500,000 damage. One F3 tornado destroyed a
bowling alley between Nickerson and Hutchinson... while a
second moved erratically between Burrton and Halstead.
The severe thunderstorms also bombarded these areas with
2 to 4 inch diameter hail.

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