Livingston Severe Watches & Warnings NOAA Weather Radio

Local Storm Report

03/01/2015 1000 am

Chatsworth, Livingston County.

Snow m3.5 inch, reported by co-op observer.

            Event snow total so far. Still snowing.

03/01/2015 0730 am

Chatsworth, Livingston County.

Snow m2.0 inch, reported by co-op observer.

            24 hout total. Still snowing.

03/01/2015 0730 am

Fairbury, Livingston County.

Snow m1.4 inch, reported by co-op observer.

            24 hour total. Still snowing.

Public Information Statement
Statement as of 3:00 PM CST on March 1, 2015

... March 1 through March 7 is severe weather preparedness week
in Illinois...

March 1 through March 7 is severe weather preparedness week.
Severe weather... in the form of tornadoes... lightning... flash
floods... damaging winds and destructive hail... strikes Illinois
each Spring... Summer and fall... sometimes with incredible

The National Weather Service urges you to develop a safety
plan for use at your home... workplace... school... vehicle... and for
outdoor activities. Be aware of severe weather safety rules.
Planning ahead and knowing what to do might save your life. For more
information visit the Illinois emergency management agency web site
at www.Ready.Illinois.Gov.

On Tuesday March 3 at 1000 am CST a test Tornado Warning will be
issued for all Illinois counties. Many locations in Illinois will
also test outdoor warning sirens on Tuesday morning. This is an
ideal time to review your severe weather procedures or conduct a
tornado drill at your home... school... or place of business.

The National Weather Service is building a weather ready nation. The
purpose of the weather ready nation initiative is to save lives and
livelihoods. By increasing the nations weather readiness... the
country will be prepared to protect... mitigate... respond to... and
recover from weather related disasters.

The NWS urges you to become a force of nature. Being a force of
nature GOES beyond taking appropriate preparedness action. Its about
inspiring others to do the same. The NWS is asking people not only
to be prepared... but also to encourage their social network to act
by texting... tweeting... or posting a facebook status update. For
more information visit www.NWS.NOAA.Gov/com/weatherreadynation/

The National Weather Service will bring you a series of
informational messages this week... to better prepare you for the
severe weather hazards that may threaten your safety.