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Statement as of 2:43 PM MST on December 19, 2014 change for the falls river...

Idaho authorities have asked the National Weather Service in Pocatello to change the name of the falls river to the Fall River. This change provides a consistency with official documents published in 1997. The name change is effective immediately...and impacts four stream gages on the river. The name change affects four gages on the fall river: gage fayi1 above the Yellowstone canal...gage fali1 near Squirrel...gage frai1 near Ashton...and chei1 near Chester. The Fall River is a tributary of the Henry's Fork which begins in western Wyoming near Yellowstone National Park...and flows into the Henry's Fork near Chester. Historically...the river was referred to as the Middle Fork of the Snake River...or as fall/falls river by trappers and prospectors as early as the 1830s. The official name...falls river...was made by the Hayden geological survey in 1872...but always called the Fall River by local residents. As a result...the U. S. Board on geographic names...changed the official name to the Fall River in 1997. This name change is now reflected on our advanced hydrologic prediction service webpage at


Simply click on any of the stream-gage sites to view what the river is doing. For further information, please contact our service hydrologist...Corey 208-232-9306...or via our webpage at weather.Gov/Pocatello.

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