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Public Information Statement
Statement as of 7:57 PM EDT on April 21, 2015

... NWS damage survey for April 19th 2015 event...

Updated third tornado track to include Early County Georgia in the path.
This tornado was determined to be on the ground for 39 miles with damage
initially starting in Jackson County Florida, continuing through Houston
County Alabama, and ending in Early County Georgia. Thus, this EF-1
tornado produced damage along its path in Three States.

A line of strong to severe thunderstorms moved across the region
on Sunday, causing scattered damage.

.North Tallahassee tornado #1...

Rating: EF1
estimated peak wind: 95 mph
path length /statute/: 4.66 miles
path width /maximum/: 350 yards
fatalities: 0
injuries: 0

Start date: 04/19/2015
start time: 12:51 PM EDT
start location: 5 miles north of Tallahassee
start lat/lon: 30.4981/-84.3136

End date: 04/19/2015
end time: 12:59 PM EDT
end location: 1 mile north of Maclay gardens
end lat/lon: 30.5443/-84.2574

Survey summary:
sporadic tree damage was found along a well defined path. Maximum
winds were estimated to be around 95mph, with the most focused
area of damage around Meridian Road and Maclay Road. No
significant structural damage was noted, although one vehicle was
crushed by falling trees. A debris signature on the Tallahassee
Doppler radar was noted at the time and location of the damage.

.Henry County Alabama tornado #2...

Rating: EF1
estimated peak wind: 110 mph
path length /statute/: 1.75 miles
path width /maximum/: 300 yards
fatalities: 0
injuries: 0

Start date: 04/19/2015
start time: 08:46 am CDT
start location: 5 miles southwest of Abbeville
start lat/lon: 31.5135/-85.3112

End date: 04/19/2015
end time: 08:53 am CDT
end location: 3 miles southwest of Abbeville
end lat/lon: 31.5302/-85.2815

Survey summary:
a short tornado track surveyed just southwest of Abbeville, Alabama.
Eight Railroad cars were flipped off of their tracks along Alabama
Highway 173 just south of a pulpwood plant. Otherwise, damage was
confined to trees on the remainder of the path.

.Jackson County Florida... Houston County Alabama... Early County
Georgia tornado #3...

Rating: EF1
estimated peak wind: 105 mph
path length /statute/: 39.1 miles
path width /maximum/: 500 yards
fatalities: 0
injuries: 0

Start date: 04/19/2015
start time: 09:52 am CDT (10:52 am edt)
start location: 1 mile south of FL state line in Jackson County
start lat/lon: 30.98/-85.41

End date: 04/19/2015
end time: 10:38 am CDT (11:38 am edt)
end location: 2 miles southeast of Blakely GA (early County georgia)
end lat/lon: 31.33/-84.90

Survey summary:
the complete tornado track was surveyed from just south of the Alabama state
line in Jackson County, Florida to near Blakely, Georgia in Early County.
From the initial touchdown in Florida through the first few miles of the
track into Houston County Alabama the path width varied from 100 to 200 yards.
Damage in this section of the track to the southwest of Pansey, Alabama was
primarily limited to trees and powerlines. One home in Cottonwood was
damaged by a tree falling on the structure. In Pansey, Alabama a large metal
outbuilding was destroyed with some of the debris removed from the foundation.
The damage path began to Widen at this point while approaching and crossing
the Chattahoochee River and entering Early County Georgia. While numerous
trees were snapped or uprooted along the damage path in Early County, some
damage to structures occurred, mainly with roofing material removed. The damage
width reached its maximum extent south of Blakely where the tornado was
estimated to be around 500 yards wide. Significant tree damage was noted 2
miles south of Blakely just before the tornado began to lift. Debris from
this area was blown east of US Highway 27, but the tornado itself did not
cross the Highway.

While this is certainly not one of the stronger tornadoes to affect our area
in recent years, this tornado is noteworthy for having a 39 mile long damage
path occurring across Three States.


Information in this statement is preliminary and subject to change pending
final review of the event/S/ and publication in NWS storm data.

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