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Public Information Statement
Statement as of 7:00 am EDT on May 27, 2015

... National hurricane preparedness week continues...

Hurricanes and other tropical cyclones have numerous threats associated
with them... including storm surge... high winds... flooding rainfall...
tornadoes... rip currents... high surf and beach erosion. Today we will
discuss high winds and tornadoes. Today we will discuss flooding rainfall
as well as surf zone impacts such as rip currents... high surf and beach

Flooding rainfall...

Widespread torrential rains... often exceeding 6 inches... often accompany
tropical cyclones. Rainfall amounts depend on the speed and size of the
storm as well as local geography. More recently... freshwater flooding
from rainfall has accounted for the most deaths from tropical systems.
Tropical Storm Alberto in 1994 drifted over the southeast states and
produced more than 21 inches of rain in Americus Georgia where 33
people drowned. In 2005... Tropical Storm Tammy produced between 10
and 15 inches of rain and widespread flooding across portions of
southeast Georgia. Tropical cyclone remnants can produce excessive
rainfall well removed from the coast. During an 8 hour period in
August 1969, the remnants of hurricane Camille produced unofficial
rainfall amounts exceeding 40 inches and incredible... deadly flash
flooding in the mountains of western Virginia.

Rip currents... high surf... beach erosion...

Tropical cyclones... even those that remain well offshore... can
produce high... powerful surf which is dangerous to anyone that
ventures into the water. The high surf can cause extensive beach
erosion and strong... frequent rip currents. Rip currents are narrow
channels of water which flow quickly away from land and can be
deadly... especially for inexperienced swimmers. High surf produced
by Tropical Storm Tammy in 2005 created extensive beach erosion
along the South Carolina and Georgia coasts... and several homes were
destroyed at Edisto Beach. In 2010... Hurricane Earl in created surf
exceeding 10 feet high even though the storm remained well offshore.
In 2011... Hurricane Irene passed well offshore but still produced
high surf and beach erosion which destroyed Folly Beach County park
on the Charleston County South Carolina coast.

For additional information on hurricanes visit the following websites...

National Hurricane Center... www.Hurricanes.Gov

National Weather Service Charleston... www.Weather.Gov/chs/tropical

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