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Public Information Statement
Statement as of 6:04 am EDT on April 26, 2015

... Air quality awareness week is April 27-may 1...

Today's topic is air quality forecasts and safety tips to mitigate
poor air quality.

Over the past decade... more state and local agencies have begun air
quality forecasting for their communities. Today... forecasts are
available for more than 300 cities nationwide based on predicted
concentrations of known pollutants such as ozone and particle

For those localities forecasting air quality... NOAA forecast
guidance is currently provided to state and local agency
forecasters... improving their ability to predict the
onset... severity... and duration of poor air quality. In
addition... NOAA provides comprehensive air quality predictions on
airquality.Weather.Gov with hour by hour information about
ozone... smoke from wildfires... and dust from dust storms for
cities... suburbs... and rural communities.

Our National Weather Service will disseminate air quality
advisories/alerts issued by the New York state department of
environmental conservation... (nys dec)... New Jersey department of
environmental protection... (nj dep)... and Connecticut department of
energy and environmental protection... (ct deep). These
advisories/alerts will be highlighted on our web Page map at
www.Weather.Gov/NYC. In addition... air quality forecasts from these
same state environmental agencies will be disseminated. These
advisories and forecasts can be found at

Use the air quality index... (aqi)... and daily air quality forecasts
to help you determine when you need to make changes. This index is a
color coded scale that tells you who needs to take steps to reduce
exposure to ozone or particle pollution. Local air quality forecasts
are available at www.Airnow.Gov.

For up to date air quality information... the EPA enviroflash tool
provides air quality forecasts and action day notifications for
participating communities via email or pager notification.
Enviroflash provides instant information that can be customized for
each users needs.

You can help reduce pollution in your community by following these
guidelines. These recommendations are especially important when
ozone is expected to be unhealthy...

* choose a cleaner commute... share a ride to work or use public
transportation. Combine errands and reduce trips.

* Delay using gasoline powered lawn and garden equipment until later
in the day or until days when the air quality is better.

* Limit engine idling.

* Get regular engine tune ups and car maintenance
checks... especially the spark plugs.

You can help prevent or reduce unhealthy levels of particle
pollution with these actions...

* reduce or eliminate fireplace and wood stove use.

* Avoid using gas-powered lawn and garden equipment.

* Avoid burning leaves... trash and other materials.

* Replace your car's air filter and oil regularly.

For more information on air quality awareness week... visit US on the
world wide web at www.Airquality.NOAA.Gov. That's