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Statement as of 2:59 am MST on December 1, 2015
... Today in Metro Denver weather history...

30-1 in 1929... heavy snow blanketed the city. Snowfall totaled
        9.8 inches downtown. North winds were sustained to 32
        mph with gusts to 37 mph on the 30th.
     In 1970... high winds blasted Boulder and the eastern plains.
        In Boulder... a wind gust to 112 mph was recorded at the
        National center for atmospheric research with a gust to
        96 mph at the National Bureau of standards. In downtown
        Boulder... wind gusts reached 76 mph. At Stapleton
        International Airport... winds gusted to 47 mph. The high
        winds caused widespread light to moderate property damage
        across most of Metro Denver. Roofs... signs... trees... power
        lines... and other property were damaged. Blowing dust
        reduced visibility to near zero over most of eastern
        Colorado. Several Mobile homes... campers... and semi-
        trailers were blown off the highways north of Denver.
      In 1985... an intrusion of cold Arctic air into Metro Denver
        resulted in setting 3 temperature records. The temperature
        climbed to only 17 degrees on the 30th... setting a record low
        maximum for the date. On the 1st... the temperature plunged
        to 6 degrees below zero... setting a record low for the date...
        and warmed to only 7 degrees... setting a record low maximum
        for the date.
30-2 in 1975... very strong Chinook winds up to 100 mph caused
        damage to homes... aircraft... aircraft hangars... Mobile homes...
        cars... and power lines along the eastern foothills. Strong
        northwest winds gusted to 39 mph at Stapleton International
        Airport on both the 30th and the 1st.
1 in 1899... northwest Chinook winds were sustained to 47 mph
        with gusts to 60 mph. The strong Chinook winds warmed
        the temperature to a high of 61 degrees... the warmest
        of the month. The low temperature dipped to only 39
      In 1972... strong Chinook winds gusted in excess of 65 mph in
         Boulder. There were no reports of damage. Northwest
         winds gusted to 38 mph at Stapleton International
      In 1992... strong winds continued through the early morning
        hours. Wind gusts to over 70 mph were measured at
        reporting sites in the foothills west of Denver. In west
        Boulder... wind gusts reached 71 mph with 77 mph measured at
        Rollinsville. At Stapleton International Airport northwest
        winds gusted to 39 mph. The Walker ranch... an historic site
        west of Boulder... burned down overnight during the high wind
        event. Although the winds did not cause the fire... they did
        hamper efforts to extinguish the blaze.
      In 1996... high winds howled in and near the Front Range
        foothills. Winds gusted to 105 mph at Wondervu southwest
        of Boulder and to 70 mph at Jefferson County Airport near
        Broomfield. West winds gusted to only 24 mph at Denver
        International Airport.
1-2 in 1933... apparent Post-frontal heavy snowfall totaled 8.0
        inches across downtown Denver. North winds were sustained
        to 17 mph with an extreme velocity to 18 mph on the 1st.
      In 1981 strong winds gusted to over 70 mph along the
        foothills. A peak gust to 100 mph was recorded at
        Wondervu. A gust to 94 mph was recorded just west of
        Boulder. Roofs on houses were damaged in the Evergreen
        area... and some Mobile homes also were damaged. At
        Stapleton International Airport... northwest winds gusted
        44 mph on the 1st and 37 mph on the 2nd.
1-5 in 1913... the 1st marked the start of the heaviest 5-day
        total snowfall in the city's history. During this period
        snowfall totaled 45.7 inches. Starting on the 1st... snow
        fell intermittently for 3 days and accumulated a little
        over 8 inches. On the 4th and 5th... an additional 37.4
        inches of snow fell. At Georgetown in the foothills west
        of Denver even more snow fell... 86 inches over the 5 days
        with the most... 63 inches... on the 4th. In Colorado... snowfall
        was heavy along the eastern slopes of the mountains from the
        Palmer Divide north. High winds during the storm caused
        heavy drifting... which blocked all transportation. Snow
        cover of an inch or more from the storm persisted for
        60 consecutive days from the 1st through January 29... 1914.
        Additional snowfall in December and January prolonged the
        number of days. This is the third longest period of snow
        cover on record in the city.

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