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Public Information Statement
Statement as of 2:59 am MDT on May 27, 2015
... Today in Metro Denver weather history...

20-27 in 2002... lightning sparked a wildfire near Deckers. Extremely
        dry conditions and very strong winds the following day
        allowed the fire... known as the Schoonover... to consume 3850
        acres before it could be contained. Thirteen structures
        were destroyed... including 4 homes... resulting in 2.2 million
        dollars in damage.
26-31 in 1995... a cool period with light morning showers and
        moderate to heavy afternoon showers and thunderstorms
        pushed rivers already swollen from mountain snow melt
        over their banks causing minor flooding. Streams and
        rivers such as the South Platte and Boulder Creek flooded
        Meadowlands... bike paths... roads near streams... and other
        low lying areas. No significant property damage was
        reported and crop damage was unknown. Rainfall totaled
        1.79 inches at the site of the former Stapleton
        International Airport and only 1.51 inches at Denver
        International Airport.
27 in 1874... an apparent thunderstorm gust front reached the
        city at 6:40 PM. Strong southwest winds sustained to
        48 mph for a few minutes produced large columns of
        dust in the city and on the prairie. There was no
        rain in the city.
      In 1942... a duststorm swept into the city... but no damage
        was reported. West winds were sustained to 23 mph.
      In 1953... a heavy hailstorm caused an estimated 100 thousand
        dollars damage across Metro Denver. Larger than Golf Ball
        size hail fell in Westminster and north Denver. Only 1/8
        inch hail was measured at Stapleton Airport.
      In 1955... west-northwest winds at 35 mph with gusts as high
        as 58 mph briefly reduced the visibility to 1/2 mile in
        blowing dust at Stapleton Airport.
      In 1981... lightning damaged power lines west of Lakewood and
        blew up a transformer at the Denver Federal Center. Hail
        1 to 1 1/2 inches in diameter was reported in Lakewood and
        on I-25 south of Denver.
      In 2001... hail as large as 3/4 inch in diameter was measured
        near Commerce City.
      In 2003... hail to 3/4 inch in diameter fell near Central
      In 2006... unusually warm weather for late may produced two
        temperature records. The high temperature of 93 degrees
        was a record maximum for the date. The low temperature
        of 59 degrees equaled the record high minimum temperature
        for the date. Both previous records occurred in 1895.