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Statement as of 9:38 am PDT on October 21, 2014

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This is the second day of California flood preparedness week. The purpose of this week is to educate you about the potential risks and dangers of urban and rural flooding as well as small stream flooding.

In urban areas...heavy rain can overwhelm drainage systems and water can end up ponding in low lying street intersections...backed up storm drains and Highway underpasses. In rural areas...heavy rain may not percolate into the soil...especially if it is already saturated. The execessive runoff caused by heavy rain can lead to the flooding of farmland...backyards...lower floors of homes and entire neighborhoods.

Heavy rain can also lead to rapid water rises along small stream and rivers. Once water begins to spill out of the banks of small rivers and streams...flooding can quickly inundate nearby property and cause water damage to homes...businesses...Parks and roads adjacent to a river or small stream.

Ponding water can be extremely dangerous as it can float an automobile at a depth of only one and a half feet. Fast moving water only six inches deep can knock an adult off their feet. Most deaths occur when people are trapped and drown in their own vehicles. This is why it is never a smart idea to drive through a flooded intersection or street. If you ever approach a flooded street or intersection...heed the advice of the National Weather Service...turn not drown.

How can you protect your life and property from the threat of urban...rural...and river flooding?

People who live in rural areas...near rivers or streams should stay alert for rapid water rises and be prepared to move to higher ground or a place of safety.

Have an evacuation plan ready for you and your family.

If you live in a designated flood plain...make sure you have flood insurance.


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