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Public Information Statement
Statement as of 6:04 am CDT on May 24, 2015

... This week is hurricane preparedness week in Alabama...

Hurricane preparedness week begins today, may 24th, and runs through
Saturday, may 30th. The goal of hurricane preparedness week is to provide
education about The Hazards associated with a hurricane, which will
prepare you to take action as a hurricane approaches. This information
may save your life at work, home, on the Road, or on the water. Each day
of hurricane preparedness week features a unique topic relevant to
education and awareness. Hurricane season officially runs from June
1st until November 30th for the Atlantic, Caribbean and Gulf of

Although central Alabama is not adjacent to any large water body, we
are close enough that hurricanes and tropical storms can have a
devastating impact across the area. Hurricane hazards come in many
forms across central Alabama including tornadoes, high winds and
flooding. This means it is very important for your family and your
work place to have a plan that takes into account all of these

We will be highlighting various tropical safety information
throughout the week. Here are the topics we will be covering each

Sunday... hurricane basics.
Monday... storm surge.
Tuesday... high winds and tornadoes.
Wednesday... inland flooding.
Thursday... get a plan.
Friday... take action.

Graphics relating to these topics will be posted to the web and
social media each day of the week. You can view these special
educational graphics by visiting our website at www.Weather.Gov
and then clicking on central Alabama, or like US on facebook by
searching for NWS Birmingham and follow US on twitter

For further information, you may contact jim stefkovich,
meteorologist-in-charge, National Weather Service Birmingham,
at 205-664-3010, extension 222, or John de block, warning
coordination meteorologist, at extension 223.