Alpine Airstrip, AK

1:28 AM AKDT on May 23, 2015 (GMT -0800)
Deadhorse Alpine Airstrip | | Change Station
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Location: Deadhorse Alpine Airstrip,
Elevation: 16 ft
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Elev 16 ft 70.34 °N, 150.94 °W | Updated 1 hour ago

37 °F
Feels Like 28 °F
Wind Variable Wind from East

High -- | Low -- °F
--% Chance of Precip.
High -- | Low -- °F
Precip. -- in
2:32 AM 2:00 PM
Waxing Crescent, 28% visible
Pressure 30.24 in
Visibility 10.0 miles
Clouds Clear
Windchill 28 °F
Dew Point 28 °F
Humidity 70%
Rainfall 0.00 in
Snow Depth Not available.
UV 0 out of 12
Pollen Not available.
Air Quality Not available.
Flu Activity Local Activity
METAR PALP 230748Z 08015KT 10SM SKC 03/M02 A3024

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Pressure 30.24 in
Visibility 10.0 miles
Clouds Clear
Windchill 28 °F
Dew Point 28 °F
Humidity 70%
Rainfall 0.00 in
Snow Depth Not available.
UV 0 out of 12
Pollen Not available.
Air Quality Not available.
Flu Activity Local Activity
METAR PALP 230748Z 08015KT 10SM SKC 03/M02 A3024

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Areal Flood Warning
Statement as of 1:38 PM AKDT on May 22, 2015

The National Weather Service in Fairbanks has extended the

* Flood Warning for...
the Dalton Highway from milepost 394 to deadhorse

* until 415 PM akdt Sunday

* the northern portion of the Dalton Highway continues to experience
flooding due to snowmelt and ice in the Main Channel. As of this
morning a portion of the flow from The Sag river continues to over
top the Dalton Highway near milepost 394 and flows northward along
the west side of the Highway towards the DeadHorse Airport. Water
is flowing east back into the Main Channel through breaches in the
Dalton Highway just south of the Airport.

* Since Wednesday water levels in the vicinity of the DeadHorse
Airport have dropped but flooding south of the Airport continues.

* Reports from Thursday indicate that ice within the main East
Channel of The Sag river is beginning to melt. Water levels on the
east side of The Sag river are reported to be lower... associated
with this melting river ice. No new areas of overtopping or
flooding along the Dalton Highway were reported Thursday.

* As of this afternoon river levels remain high at The Sag river
gage upstream from this flooded area. Above normal temperatures
will persist through the weekend and excessive runoff will
continue for several days. Flooding is expected to persist for
several days until snowmelt ends and the river ice within the main
sag river channel clears out.

* For the latest Road conditions please check the Alaska Department
of Transportation website: dot.Alaska.Gov/nreg/Dalton-updates.

Precautionary/preparedness actions...

A Flood Warning means that flooding is imminent or has been
reported. Stream rises will be slow and flash flooding is not
expected. However... all interested parties should take necessary
precautions immediately.

Lat... Lon 7017 14821 6985 14864 6989 14890 7021 14850


Areal Flood Advisory, Areal Flood Watch
Statement as of 2:52 PM AKDT on May 22, 2015

... The Flood Advisory remains in effect until 345 PM akdt Saturday
for the kuparuk river...

Late Friday morning... an observer reported that the three low water
crossings along The Spine Road continue to be inundated with water.
Water levels continue to slowly climb due to snowmelt and overflow
of inplace channel ice.

Additional snowmelt through Saturday will cause water levels to
slowly rise and create more extensive flooding on the coastal plain.

Expected impacts: low water sections and portions of low lying areas
will be inundated with water. Spine Road will likely be closed to
constructions and maintenance crews.

Precautionary/preparedness actions...

A Flood Advisory means river or stream flows are elevated or ponding
of water in urban or other areas is occurring or is imminent.

Lat... Lon 7038 14887 7029 14893 7030 14906 7039 14902


1242 PM akdt Fri may 22 2015

... The Flood Advisory for melting snow and flooding related to
overflow of inplace channel ice remains in effect until 230 PM
akdt Saturday for the Colville river...

High water from melting snow runoff is causing flooding along the
Colville river near Colville Village. An ice jam upstream from
Colville Village was reported to release yesterday with a subsequent
ice jam reforming further downstream.

An ice jam was reported just upstream of Colville Village this morning.
Water levels at Colville Village rose overnight. The current
stage is 6.77 feet which is above moderate flood stage. Approximately
95 percent of the Colville Village Island..including the runway... is

A further rise in flood waters is possible as ice jams release and
reform. No major ice movement has been observed in the Main Channel
adjacent to Colville Village.

Expected impacts: 95 percent of the Colville Island... including the
runway... is under water. The Colville Village Lodge could be
impacted if water levels continue to rise.

This flooding will remain over sparsely populated areas of central
central Beaufort Sea coast.

Lat... Lon 7041 15032 7033 15067 7019 15082 7013 15097
      7014 15106 7035 15074 7044 15035


1147 am akdt Fri may 22 2015

... Flood Watch remains in effect through Saturday afternoon for
all rivers draining out of the coastal plain...

The Flood Watch continues for

* all rivers draining out of the coastal plain.

* Through Saturday afternoon

* the highest threat areas will be the Colville river... sag
river and kuparuk river. A Flood Warning is currently in
effect for the northern Dalton Highway near The Sag river. A
Flood Advisory is in effect for the lower Colville river and
the lower kuparuk river.

* Very warm temperatures over the Brooks range and the eastern
Arctic plain is causing rapid snow melt. Further snow melt
will result in Colville... sag and kuparuk river levels
remaining high and likely rising Further. Water levels are
expected to remain high for several days.

Precautionary/preparedness actions...

A Flood Watch means there is a potential for flooding based on
current forecasts.

Keep updated on the latest forecasts and be alert for the
issuance of flood warnings and advisories. Those living in areas
prone to flooding should be prepared to take action should
flooding develop.