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Record Report
Statement as of 5:39 am AKDT on June 1, 2015

... Record high minimum temperature...

The minimum temperature yesterday was 50 degrees... thus breaking the
old record of 49 degrees set back in 2007.

Public Information Statement
Statement as of 4:53 PM AKDT on June 1, 2015

... Monthly weather summary for Fairbanks Alaska...

May 2015 was warm... dry and tranquil in Fairbanks. May 2015 was
the 10th consecutive month where the average temperature has been
above normal.

The average high temperature was 69.2 degrees which was 8.2
degrees above the average high temperature of 61.0 degrees and
ranks as the warmest of 110 years of record. The average low
temperature was 41.3 degrees which was 3.5 degrees above the
average low temperature of 37.8 degrees. This ranks as the 7th
warmest of 109 years of record. The average temperature was 55.3
degrees which was 5.9 degrees above the normal average temperature
of 49.4 degrees which ranks as 2nd warmest of 109 year of record.

The highest temperature at the Fairbanks International Airport
during the month of may was 86 degrees which occurred on the
23rd. 86 degrees broke previous daily record for the 23rd of may
of 80 degrees set in 1960 and tied again in 2002. Middle to upper
80s were reported in many locations over the interior with Salcha
hitting 87 degrees and Eagle hitting 91 degrees. The 91 degrees at
Eagle tied the all time earliest 90 degree day in the interior and
also set a new maximum temperature for Eagle for the 23rd of may.

May 2015 was also another dry month with only 0.29 inches of rain
falling. This was 0.31 inches below the normal rainfall of 0.60
inches and ranks as the 28th driest of 102 years of record. No
snow fell at the Fairbanks Airport which was below the normal may
snowfall of 0.9 inches. Season to date snowfall remained at 43.8
inches which was 21.2 inches below the normal season to date total
of 65.0 inches.

Looking forward to June... the average high temperature continues
to increase from 67 degrees on the 1st to 74 degrees 30th. The
average low temperature increases from 44 degrees on the 1st to 53
degrees on the 30th. The average temperature increases from 56
degrees on the 1st to 64 degrees on the 30th. On average 1.37
inches of rain falls in June in Fairbanks. Snowfall in June in
Fairbanks is rare but not unheard of with a handful of days in the
climate record recording a trace of snow and 1 day with 1.2 inches
falling in Fairbanks on the 2nd of June in 1931.

Possible daylight continues to increase at nearly 6 minutes per
day early in the month with 20 hours and 31 minutes of possible
daylight on the 1st. Possible daylight peaks with 21 hours and 49
minutes on the solstice on the 21st. Possible daylight begins to
decline after the 21st. By the 30th of June possible daylight will
be decreasing by over 3 minutes per day and will decrease to 21
hours and 31 minutes.

The forecast for the month of June from the climate prediction
center calls for increased chances for above normal temperatures
and increased chances for below normal precipitation.

Observed last month... 05/2015

                         observed rank
avg Max temp (f) 69.2 1st warmest of 110 years
avg min temp (f) 41.3 7th warmest of 109 years
avg temp (f) 55.3 2nd warmest of 109 years
total precip (in) 0.29 28th driest of 102 years

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