Surf Forecast

538 am CST Fri Nov 28 2014

5 am observations:

                              bob Hall pier         Port Aransas          
air temperature:              64                    65                    
sea water temperature:        64                    62                    
water level:                  0.30 ft msl           0.38 ft msl           
wind:                         S 8 mph               S 6 mph               


                              today                 Saturday              

Min/Max temp:                 / 71                  64 / 73               

Sky         morning:          partly cloudy         partly cloudy         
            afternoon:        partly cloudy         partly cloudy         
            evening:          mostly clear          partly cloudy         

Weather     morning:          none                  none                  
            afternoon:        none                  none                  
            evening:          none                  none                  

Precip chc  morning:          5%                    10%                   
            afternoon:        5%                    10%                   
            evening:          5%                    10%                   

Wind        morning:          S 7-9 mph             S 13-20 mph           
            afternoon:        S 8-14 mph            S 18-21 mph           
            evening:          S 14-17 mph           S 18-21 mph           

Rip current risk:*            low                   low                   

Lightning risk:               none                  none                  

UV index:                     moderate              moderate              

Sig wave height:*             3 feet                5 feet                

Dominant wave period:*        5 seconds             6 seconds             

Port Aransas jetty tides:     low : 1248 PM         low : 425 am  
                              high: 906 PM          high: 719 am  
                                                    low : 153 PM  
                                                    high: 925 PM  

.Outlook (days 3-5)...
A moderate south to southeast wind is expected for the weekend.
There will be a slight chance for showers on Sunday and Monday. A 
light to moderate east wind is expected on Monday as a cold front 
approaches the coast...then winds shift to the north and increase to 
moderate levels Monday night. Winds are expected to diminish on 
Tuesday. High temperatures will remain in the lower to mid 70s 
Sunday and Monday with mid 60s for Tuesday. 

* A low risk of rip currents means that any rip currents that do
  form are likely to be weak but still may pose a danger to poor 
  swimmers. Research has shown rip currents are typically more 
  frequent in the vicinity of jetties...inlets...and piers and
  these can be quite strong on days where the overall rip current
  threat is low...especially if strong southerly or northeasterly
  winds exist.

* Wave height and period forecasts are representative of deep ocean
  waves over the offshore waters...not surf conditions.

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