Surf Forecast

335 PM HST Wed Nov 25 2015

Surf along north facing shores will rise to 5 to 8 feet overnight...then
to 8 to 12 feet Thursday.

Surf along west facing shores will be rise to 3 to 5 feet
overnight...then to 5 to 8 feet Thursday.

Surf along east facing shores will be 3 to 5 feet overnight...rising
to 4 to 6 feet Thursday.

Surf along south facing shores will be 1 to 3 feet through Thursday.

Outlook through Wednesday December 02:
the new northwest swell will lower slowly on Friday. A new...and
larger northwest swell is expected to arrive Friday night...peak
Saturday night and Sunday morning...then lower gradually Monday
and Tuesday. Another large northwest swell is expected Tuesday
night and Wednesday. Strengthening trade winds will cause an
increase in short period choppy surf along east facing shores.
There will also be a series of small south swells throughout the
forecast period.

Surf heights are forecast heights of the face or front of waves. The
surf forecast is based on the average height of the one third largest
waves at the locations of the largest breakers. Some waves may be more
than twice as high as the significant wave height. Expect to encounter
rip currents in or near any surf zone.

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